01 OCTOBER 2015

Meet The Locals

How can I not be proud of this country, as if I have, myself, contributed to the story that Greece tells through its proud history and unfathomable beauty: the blue of the sea, the proud mountaintops and the bright sunlight…

And, for some inexplicable reason, visitors feel at home in Greece; allow yourself to be cradled in this motherly embrace and you will fully experience the images, aromas, tastes, and feelings of the place as if you too are a local.

Throughout our journeys you will be given the opportunity to get to meet and discourse with the people of Greece as was done in the ancient market places.  Sit in the town squares and see the smiles on the sun-burnished faces, hear the hearty laugh indicative of a slower pace of life not fraught with many of the troubles found outside of Greece, and to the Greek man who loves the land and the Greek woman who prepares a home like few others can.
There is a secret hidden in the mind of the Greek.  This secret allows an enjoyment of life that supersedes the problems of the modern world.  So, forget everything you have heard. Open your mind and your heart and you will laugh and cry and love as only the Greeks can do.




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