• How can I get started with Definitely Greece?

    To begin planning your trip with Definitely Greece, simply book […]

  • What support does Definitely Greece provide during the trip?

    With our Customized Trip service, you benefit from on-trip support, […]

  • How does Definitely Greece handle trip logistics?

    For our Customized Trip service, we take care of every […]

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    Definitely Greece offers more than just travel planning; we provide […]

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    At Definitely Greece, we understand that each traveler has unique […]

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  • What activities are available in the Peloponnese?

    Hike the Taygetos and Parnon mountains, explore the Diros Caves, […]

  • Which beaches are recommended for a relaxing seaside experience?

    Some of the pristine beaches you can look forward to […]

  • What are the must visit historical sites in the Peloponnese?

    Explore iconic sites such as Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Ancient Olympia […]

  • How long is needed to explore Mainland Greece thoroughly?

    The duration depends on your travel preferences. A comprehensive exploration […]

  • Can you recommend some lesser-known destinations in Mainland Greece for a more off-the-beaten-path experience?

    Consider visiting Nafplio, a charming seaport town, or the traditional […]

  • What are the most popular locations and cities to visit in Mainland Greece?

    Mainland Greece offers a diverse array of destinations. Athens, with […]

  • What are some famous festivals and events in the Ionian islands?

    The Easter celebrations in Corfu are well known and many […]

  • Less touristy islands with unique experiences in the Ionian archipelago?

    Check out Ithaka, Meganisi, Kythira, Paxos and Kastos. They provide […]

  • Best times to visit the Ionian Islands for ideal weather and fewer crowds?

    Best season is spring (April to June) and fall (September […]

  • What are some iconic natural attractions in Crete?

    Crete is known for its diverse landscapes, including the Samaria […]

  • What are the best beaches in Crete?

    Our recommendations are Elafonissi, Balos Lagoon, Falassarna, and Vai Beach, […]

  • What are the must-visit historical sites in Crete?

    A few of the places most visitors want to see […]

  • Astypalaia

    Features: ● Venetian Castle ● Windmills ● Traditional Architecture

  • Epirus

    Features: ● Historic Region ● Mountains & Turquoise Beaches ● Virgin Forests

  • Meteora

    Features: ● UNESCO World Heritage Monument ● Suspended Monasteries

  • Athens

    Features: ● Ancient Architecture ● Historical Sites ● Vibrant Neighbourhoods

  • Arahova

    Features: ● Hiking and Mountainbiking ● Boutique Stores ● Mountain Resorts

  • Palaios Panteleimonas

    Features: ● Traditional Settlement ● Meat Tavernas ● Coastal Views

  • Agoriani

    Features: ● Mountain Village ● Waterfalls ● Meat Tavernas

  • Mani

    Features: ● Beaches ● Stalactite Caves ● Tower Houses

  • Piraeus

    Features: ● Port of Piraeus ● Kastella Hill ● Art

  • Kalamata

    Features: ● Castles ● Beaches ● Olives

  • Rhodes

    Features: ● Medieval City ● Golden Sand Beaches ● Natural Beauty

  • Delphi

    Features: ● Ancient Greeks ● Olive Grove ● Temples

  • Chania

    Features: ● Venetian Architecture ● Renowned Beaches ● Village Life

  • Halkidiki

    Features: ● Turquoise Water Beaches ● Boat Trips ● Traditional Villages

  • Olympia

    Features: ● Ancient Sanctuary ● Olympic Games ● Religious Center

  • Patras

    Features: ● Rio Antirio Bridge ● Carnival ● Day Trip from Athens

  • Thessaloniki

    Features: ● Port City ● UNESCO Monuments ● Traditional Food

  • Kastoria

    Features: ● Winter Destination ● Romantic ● Mountains & Lake

  • Rethymno

    Features: ● Venetian Town ● Port City ● Authentic Cretan Experiences

  • Central Greece

    Features: ● Small Villages ● Mythology ● Olive Grove

  • Skopelos

    Features: ● Pristine Beaches ● Mamma Mia ● Traditional Charm

  • Lemnos

    Features: ● Traditional Villages ● Mythology ● Volcanic Formations

  • Nafplio

    Features: ● Romance ● Castles ● First Capital of Greece

  • Kalavrita

    Features: ● Ski Center ● Cultural Sights ● Mountain Village

  • Amfissa

    Features: ● Oldest Olive Grove ● Mythology ● Authentic Local Life

  • Ikaria

    Features: ● August Festivals ● Caribbean-Style Beaches ● Blue Zone

  • Galaxidi

    Features: ● Maritime History ● Amazing Food ● Unique Architecture

  • Heraklion

    Features: ● Urban Center ● Knossos Palace ● Famous Figures

  • Chios

    Features: ● Medieval Villages ● Countless Beaches ● Rich History

  • Livadeia

    Features: ● Waterfalls and Rivers ● Castle ● Local Meat Dishes

  • Aegina

    Features: ● Near Athens ● Pistachio ● Fresh Seafood

  • Mycenae

    Features: ● Archaeological Site ● Bronze Age Site ● UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Vergina

    Features: ● Medieval ● Romantic Destination ● Island Fortress

  • Monemvasia

    Features: ● Medieval ● Romantic Destination ● Island Fortress

  • Skiathos

    Features: ● Lush Pine Forests ● Azure Waters ● Parties and Nightlife

  • Karpathos

    Features: ● Imposing Mountains ● Wild and Unique ● Turquoise Waters

  • Kythira

    Features: ● Serene Retreat ● Rugged Beauty ● Authentic Experiences

  • Ithaka

    Features: ● Serenity + Lush Greenery ● Picturesque Ports ● Undiscovered

  • Lefkada

    Features: ● Caribbean of Greece ● Yachting ● Private Islands

  • Corfu

    Features: ● Romance ● Aristocracy & Noble Mansions ● Idyllic Beaches

  • Paxos & Antipaxos

    Features: ● Gorgeous Beaches ● Lush Scenary ● Peaceful Holidays

  • Are the Cyclades family-friendly?

    Yes, many Cycladic islands are family-friendly, with sandy beaches, shallow […]

  • When is the best time to visit the Cyclades?

    The summer months, from June to September, are the most […]

  • How many islands are in the Cyclades?

    A confusing answer for most people. The Cyclades archipelago houses […]

  • Kefalonia

    Features: ● Melissani Cave ● Myrtos Beach ● Fishing Villages

  • Milos

    Features: ● Sarakiniko ● Fishing Villages ● Volcanic Scenery

  • Mykonos

    Features: ● Party & Nightlife ● Architecture ● Crystal Clear Beaches

  • Naxos

    Features: ● Temple of Apollo ● Mount Zeus ● Nightlife

  • Aegina Oasis: Re-Enchantment Retreat

  • Kimolos

    Features: ● Kastro ● Volcanic Shaped Rocks ● Caves and Beaches

  • Paros

    Features: ● Traditional Cycladic Architecture ● Cosmopolitan ● Yachting

  • Sifnos

    Features: ● Gastronomy ● Pottery ● Church of the Seven Martyrs

  • Koufonisia

    Features: ● Turquoise Waters ● Laid-Back Atmosphere ● Friendly Locals

  • Amorgos

    Features: ● Iconic Monastery ● Incredible Beaches ● Yoga & Relaxation

  • Santorini

    Features: ● Caldera ● Honeymoon Destination ● Volcanic Landscape

  • Premium Experience of Athens

    Features: ● Private transfer ●Delicious Lunch ● Archaeological Sites ●Walking tour

    From Acropolis to modern charm, Athens in a day!

  • Private 2 Day Tour in Olympia

    Features: ● UNESCO World Heritage Site ● Olympic Origins ● Local Cuisine

    Discover Olympian Treasures in Just 2 Days!

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  • Peloponnese

  • Mainland Greece

  • Ionian Islands

  • Private Day Tour in Nafplio

    Features: ● Peloponnese Cultural Heritage ● UNESCO World Heritage Site ● History ● Mycenae Palace

    Discover the charming allure of Nafplio and the legendary Mycenae

  • Cyclades

  • Private 2 Day Tour in Meteora

    Features: ● Scenic Monasteries ● UNESCO World Heritage Site ● Stunning Sunsets ● Thermopylae

    Discover Meteora's majesty in 2 days!

  • I am vegeterian/vegan/GF. Can I change the meal options?

    Of course! We can accommodate dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, […]

  • Are day tours suitable for children and families?

    Yes, all of our day tours are family-friendly. We offer […]

  • What should I bring on the day tour?

    We recommend comfortable clothing and walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, […]

  • Can I customize my day tour itinerary?

    Yes! All our tours are fully customizable to your needs. […]

  • What is included in the day tour package?

    Our day tour package typically includes transportation, an experienced guide, […]

  • Private Day Tour in Aegina

    Features: ● Island Trip ● History + Culture ● Meet the locals ● Local Cuisine ● Aegina's Local Artisans

    Explore the stunning beauty of Aegina Island in a single day.

  • Private Day Tours

  • Private Day Tour in Delphi

    Features: ● Villages in mainland Greece ● Cultural Heritage ● UNESCO World Heritage Site ● Olive Oil Tasting

    Rich cultural heritage and enchanting archaeological sites.

  • Is this an all inclusive trip?

    The tour cost includes all accommodation, and all tour transportation […]

  • What are the dates for this tour?

    The dates as of now are fully up to your […]

  • Is this a private or a group tour?

    All our tours are private. Ξ™f you are travelling solo, […]

  • Faith and History Journey

    Features: ● Sacred Sites ● Cultural Riches ● Mountains

    Uncover lesser-known sacred sites scattered across Greece.

  • Discover Peloponnese Treasures

    Features: ● Road Trip ● Castles & Ruins ● Archaeological Sites

    A land of mythical heroes, ancient gods and medieval castles.

  • Ionian Islands Relaxing Escape

    Features: ● Island Hopping ● History of Ionian Islands ● Fresh Seafood

    Cosmopolitan islands, gorgeous beaches and lush greenery.

  • Athens – Mykonos – Santorini – Crete

    Features: ● Island Hopping ● History ● Culture Focus ● Famous Cycladic Islands ● Mediterranean Cuisine

    The best and most popular locations in Greece.

  • Legacy Trips

  • Do I need a visa?

    The visa requirements vary based on your nationality and length […]

  • Is there a discount if I come with a friend?

    We encourage you to come with your best friend, your […]

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we offer flexible payment options to accommodate individual budgets. […]

  • What should I pack?

    We recommend packing comfortable clothing and shoes, sunscreen, a hat, […]

  • I want to extend my trip after or before the retreat. Would you be able to assist me with suggestions and bookings?

    Absolutely! We can design a full itinerary for you or […]

  • Will there be downtime?

    Yes, there will be some designated downtime during the retreat, […]

  • How do I get there?

    The retreat will take place on the most famous Aegean […]

  • Women’s Wellness Weekend In Santorini

  • Are men and women invited?

    Yes! Men, women, singles, couples, friendsβ€”all are welcome. Β  Β 

  • What is your refund and cancellation policy?

    Should you or any one of your companions choose to […]

  • What’s not included in my booking?

    Visas: Greece does not currently require a visa for US […]

  • The Enchantment in Santorini Retreat

  • Retreats

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  • I do not speak any Greek. How will I be able to communicate with the locals?

    Greek is the mother of all languages – pretty much. […]

  • What about the diet we will follow?

    During the trip, our aim is to allow you to […]

  • Will I have internet access throughout the trip?

    Yes, internet access is offered throughout the whole trip; nevertheless, […]

  • What if I don’t want to visit the churches?

    Byzantine Orthodox churches are more than places of worship; they […]

  • How much money will I need to carry in cash?

    You can find working ATMs in every city and island […]

  • Do you run special offers or promo codes?

    Our tour is currently priced as maximum quality, the ultimate […]

  • I am a very active person and I am interested in extra, optional activities. Are any offered during the trip?

    Yes, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending, […]

  • What does the tour include?

    It depends! We cater to various needs and types of […]

  • What will be the standards of the hotels we are going to stay in?

    In the big cities (Athens, Thessaloniki) we will reside in […]

  • Count me in! When can I have the itinerary of the trip?

    Perfect! Please contact us so that we can personally provide […]

  • What type of room am I going to stay in? If I travel alone, can I stay of my own?

    As a rule, throughout the trip, the rooms are going […]

  • We are a group of friends/colleagues and are interested in traveling together. Is that possible?

    We are ideally set up to cater to groups both […]

  • Will we have a tour leader with us at all times?

    The Tour Leader will accompany you from the agreed point […]

  • I want to know more about the places we are going to visit. Where can I find more information?

    You can find more information about our tips here here. […]

  • I have a friend who has health conditions / impairments / is elderly. Can he/she join the tour?

    Of course. We are passionate about showing you a slice […]

  • I want to visit as many Greek islands as possible. How many are we going to see?

    As you may know, Greece has over 2,500 islands! It […]

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