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Sightseeing is only one way to experience Greece

Let us show you the rest.

Cooking Activities

  • Explore the more genteel pursuits of the culinary world then your adventures will take you into the olive presses or wineries that produce world class olive oils and world renowned wines.
  • Find yourself in the home kitchens of the Greek villagers as they prepare homemade dishes using family recipes that can be traced back many generations.
Baker Holding Bread

Nature Lovers

  • Go out of the tour bus and onto the hiking tracks, the kayaks and the canoes.
  • Picture yourself hiking among the monasteries on the legendary rock faces of Meteora or up the slopes of the mythical Mount Olympus.
  • Maybe you prefer to sail through the blue waters of the Aegean Sea along white sandy beaches or brave the wild rapids of rushing mountain rivers.
Nature Lovers Definitely Greece


  • Depending on the season and location we can offer:
  • being a part of a traditional Greek wedding setting
  • get involved in a ceramic workshop
  • join in at traditional Greek line dancing or
  • learn how to bake sourdough bread in a traditional Greek wooden oven
Cultural Definitely Greece