Cultural Experiences

What are the experiences that will make your trip unique?


What are the things you wish to be exposed to that will allow you to understand the way a specific country feels, smells, works or behaves?


Because through those experiences you know that you will feel connected to the people, the culture and the language. 
In our trips, we offer the opportunity to all our guests to experience places through dance, music, art, food and many other thematic activities.


Depending on the location, the season and the person, we can offer you the chance to be a part of a traditional Greek wedding setting, get involved in a ceramic workshop, join in at traditional Greek line dancing or learn how to bake sourdough bread in a traditional Greek wooden oven.
Whether you are visiting Crete, Athens, Mykonos, Amfissa, or Thessaloniki. There is never a shortage of activities or ideas, our favourite ones are a well-kept secret!


Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information about the cultural experiences we offer! 


If your dream is to travel to Greece, you are in the right place!

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