Cultural Experiences

What are the experiences that will make your trip unique? 

What are the things you wish to be exposed to that will allow you to understand the way a specific country feels, smells, works or behaves?
Because through those experiences you know that you will feel connected to the people, the culture and the language. 
All our trips, are based on the principles of traveling to understand the culture, the people, tradition and language.
We offer the opportunity to all our guests to experience places through dance, music, art, food and many other thematic activities.


mykonos - windmill view from above the hill port sunset colours and white houses


  • Experience life as it occurs on an organic farm at Mykonos island. 
  • Learn about the cultivation and production of local wines and how lack of water and strong winds influence the Mykonian varieties. 
  • Taste homegrown, organic products and three varieties of wine or have a full menu feast in a relaxing countryside environment. 
  • Explore the farm, surrounding area, and more of the island of Mykonos with a guided bicycle tour. 
two tall trees in a hiking trail looking over a sunset at Lithi beach in Chios island Greece


  • Begin your hike from the traditional village of Avgonima in the central and mountainous region of Chios island. 
  • Walk through stone-paved roads that have survived countless attacks, wars and occupations that offer a striking example of road building in past eras. 
  • Stop and familiarize yourself with the native flaura of the island, the medicinal properties of the plants and how they are still used today. 
  • Learn how to identify thyme and oregano and what to avoid adding to your salad! 
  • Get to know why the nature of Chios island is rich in orchids and attracts visitors from all around the world. 
meteora monasteries greece - view of valley with monasteries on top of rocks


  • A complex of monasteries found high on top of unique rock formations.
  • Witness a natural spectacle and explore these towering monasteries that house religious and cultural treasures as preserved for hundreds of years.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with 7 active monasteries open to visitors from the original 30.
line of dancers - in traditional greek costume - alternating one woman one man - in a square - dancing


  • Interested in including traditional Greek dancers at your next dinner? 
  • How about learning the steps of syrtaki, accompanied by the sounds of Zorba? 
  • Music, dance and good food are meant to go together just like feta and oregano! 
  • Learn to distinguish between different types of dances, the swift and light steps of the islands in comparison with the heavy movements of the mainland dances. 
artists and people that shaped greece - the view of olive trees from delphi greece


  • Allow us to plan an evening never to forget. 
  • Explore the myths, legends and history of Greece through a live performance of masterful storytelling. 
  • Travel with words, sounds, and movement while you learn about ancient kingdoms and fallen heroes. 
  • Light food and drink provided or options for full dinner menu. 
Abandoned structure and stone bridge deep in lush vegetation in the mountain of Kythira island, Greece.


  • This small island at the bottom of the Peloponnese peninsula is home to an extensive and ancient network of trails that is currently being renovated due to the hard word and dedication of locals and enthusiasts. 
  • Visitors will be delighted to find themselves on footpaths that date as far back as the Minoan period. 
  • Cross through deserted structures, chapels of unique architectural design and arched stone bridges. 
  • Pirates, revolutionary heroes, castles and religious icons, all contribute to the rich history of Kythira island that you will be invited to explore. 
mastiha tree trunks with white powder around the base in a field in a summer day in Chios Island Greece


  • Learn the secrets of this unique product and how it’s currently used for medicinal purposes.
  • How can one tree only shed it’s tears on the southern part of this small island on the Aegean.
  • Have a first hand experience, guided by an expert on how to care for a mastiha tree, the pre-harvest period as well as on how to collect the precious resin.

Whether you are visiting Crete, Athens, Mykonos, Amfissa, or Thessaloniki. There is never a shortage of activities or ideas. Let us show you the authentic Greece you have always dreamed of visiting! 

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