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Greece might be most known about its idyllic beaches and picturesque blue and white houses in Santorini but it is a lot more than that.
  • Greece is brown bears and Caretta – Caretta turtles. It is the over 450 species of birds that find refuge in its land and the myriads of spices and herbs that grow in its fields


  • Greece is the mountains that cover more than 80% of its total area. From the mountain range of Pindus in northern Greece, with its beautiful Vikos Gorge, to the White Mountains of Crete island in the south that can be admired during your mid-summer swim. (or winter swim!) 
  •  Greece is the mountain trails, some of which remain the same since ancient years. As well as Mount Olympus the highest mountain in Greece, home to the twelve gods of Ancient Mythology. 


  • Greece is the over 400 Natura 2000 designated sites, that include places of exceptional biodiversity where rare species breed and rest. 

Greece is the light and the sun as it reflects on the ancient marbles

The breeze through the olive leaves during the afternoon siesta.

The sound of the waves as they break on the little boat in the harbor.

Greece is the place you should experience with all your senses.

This land is unique and no matter where you come from it makes you feel at home.

Οur trips – a lifetime experience, a journey through the countless pathways of this blessed Mediterranean country.

If you are interested in activities that allow you to explore Greek nature and appreciate the beauty of this ancient land check out our suggestions or contact us.


If your dream is to travel to Greece, you are in the right place!

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