Agrotourism in Greece

two people sharing food and wine in an outside dinner table gathering in crete greece

It is true that Greeks are, in their stunning majority, a very hospitable people. Wherever you go in this country you will meet people who will go out of their way to make you feel at home, yet on Crete, this feeling is ever more prevalent.

Among the locals, you will indeed be spoiled. Cretans love their island with a passion and are always ready to share the best this blessed island has to offer to visitors.

There is a rough, yet wholesome, beauty in Crete, in the land and the people and it never fails to enchant in its simplicity and lack of pretense. Nikos Frantzeskakis is a characteristic embodiment of the Cretan ideals.

He doesn’t have a secret marketing technique for success. He is an authentic example of Greek hospitality, a worthy successor of his ancient forefathers.


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