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They’re lovable, cute and cuddly. The cats of Greece are sure to steal your heart

Whether you’ve encountered them yourself or simply know of them, the cats of Greece are iconic. They’re on the postcards, the souvenirs, they won’t be far from a plate of seafood at a taverna and they particularly love lounging amongst the ancient ruins. Greece has copious attractions, but with the added bonus of some furry encounters, it can make the animal lovers holiday all the more special. Here we have a collection of 10 of the cutest Greek cats. Taken by local or travelling photographers whose profiles are sure to ignite your inner travel bug, or by organisations dedicated to caring for the cats of Greece, their efforts will leave you inspired. Prepare for cuteness!

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 Double Trouble

Kittens are often the sweetest of them all, and these cuties are no exception. The iconic old doors in Greece always make for a good photo, and even better when they match the colour of your cat! This perfectly timed photo was taken on the island of Tinos by Leanne. I didn’t see it at first, but can you spot the second kitten in this photo?


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Paws For Thought

While the cats of Greece are a much loved addition to everyone’s travels, the sad reality is that when the tourists leave the cats are often left hungry, especially on the islands when the tavernas and restaurants close up over winter. The Skiathos Cat Welfare Association, a non-profit organisation run by Sharon Hewing, has been caring for the cats of Skiathos since 2007. While neutering is their main priority they also care for those cats with disabilities that would not survive on their own, feed the islands cats and introduce many into loving homes. 

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Santorini Trouble

As if Santorini couldn’t get anymore picturesque. Corina snapped this black and white beauty in Oia while spending time in Greece. Be sure to check out more of her travels on her profile. Not only a lover of cats, travel and photography, she is Mum to her own furbaby Reducus.

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Sunshine Lovers

They say that cats have an uncanny ability to follow the sun, which is aptly shown in this photo taken by Julia in Crete. While we are often on the beach seeking shelter underneath an umbrella, this cat is soaking up the rays on top!

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Golden Hour

How beautiful is this shot taken in Northern Greece by Aimilia?! Aimilia is a school teacher from Thessaloniki, with a passion and incredible talent for photography, make sure you check out her profile to see more of her artistic shots. While Greece is an incredibly photogenic country at the best of times, the golden hues that occur just before sunset can often lead to the most striking of pictures. And who carries it better than this peaceful puss having a snooze in the evening glow.

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A Welcome Greeting

Anna, a travel blogger from Finland, calls this one ‘Cat Therapy’. For animal lovers and cat lovers especially you’re never far from some furry company should you require it. Anna’s correct when she says that you don’t need to go to a cat cafe in Greece! As you can see there was plenty of cuddles to go round on this day.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted” ~ Sigmund Freud


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Holiday Siesta

If there is anything we can learn from cats, it’s how to relax. Cats spend an average of 15 hours asleep each day!  So if you’re guilty of overindulging on traditional Greek delicacies, or tired from a day of exploring, it’s nothing that an afternoon nap can’t fix. This sleepy kitty was captured in Rhodes by Tom and Ella, a German couple who consider Greece their second home. Tom and Ella run their own blog, Greece Moments.

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