The myth says that Amfissa was the mistress of God Apollo – which is no wonder as it is only 20 minutes away from Delphi, where the famous Oracle of Apollo is situated.

Amfissa has a prominent location nestled between the mountains and valleys of Central Greece and enjoys the privilege of being at the foot of Delphi,  what was once the center of the ancient world and what is nowadays an archaeological site you shouldn’t miss!

History aside, Amfissa is only a 25 minutes drive away from Galaxidi, a charming picturesque town by the sea.

In addition, the area surrounding the town is a very popular destination for visitors that are attracted by history and the evolution of Greek tradition as well as the peace and quiet that it affords its visitors.

Visitors will soon realize, from the tall Acropolis walls which were later transformed into a strong castle, that the city has been continuously inhabited since the ancient times. Thankfully the traditions in Amfissa are still alive and have become part of modern life.

Because of it’s proximity to the archaeological site of Delphi, the area that includes Amfissa is protected under the law which prohibits buildings and industrial zones that could alter the view of the olive tree valleys from the Oracle of Delphi.

Amfissa - Definitely Greece

Traces of a beautiful past in every corner

A walk on its paved roads is enough to get you into the atmosphere of the old meets new. You can admire retro shops filled with antiques in a beautifully organized modern town.

As a result, the houses in Amfissa are not particularly tall but most houses still have gardens, often with orange trees, bitter orange trees or other vibrant, bright coloured flowers.

At noon, the whole town falls into silence, which is broken in the afternoon, accompanied by the smells of coffee and the playful noise of children stepping out to reclaim the remaining daylight.

The children, easier to please than the adults, will head to the parks, schoolyards or soccer fields while the adults will have their choice of entertainment, from little shops, art galleries, theaters, as well as painting and craft workshops.

The center of Amfissa is full of architectural and cultural gems.

One of them is Megalo Kafeneio 1929 (Big Café). A heritage coffee-theatre where various artists and acting troupes used to perform their plays. Nowadays, it is fully renovated and used as a cafe and concert hall. This historic spot, favourited by locals and tourists, stands in a sweet little square called Keychaya, from where you can admire the impressive stairs leading up Saint Nicholas square.

However the most important thing to see in Amfissa is the pure Greek way of living.

The glorious and difficult past that is respected and recognized in each corner of this town, combined with the harmony of Greek life.

Surrounding the square and the steps are neoclassical houses composing a romantic scenery and inviting us to get lost in time.

The list of precious little things you can see and feel in Amfissa could go on and on. Like the very interesting Archaeological Museum hosted in a historic building or the very old houses which are still standing as they did during the Ottoman era.

The rhythm of life follows an easy and relaxing tune and one must come here not with the feeling of a tourist but with the feeling of a friend or a relative that pays a visit to his homeland.

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