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Words cannot describe how beautiful this island is!

Astypalaia is a small island in the Aegean Sea. The locals also call it Astropalia. Although it belongs to the Dodecanese island complex, it is far more similar to the Cyclades. That is because of its geographical position; an isolated island in the exact middle of the two island complexes.

The architectural style is the exact same as in the Cyclades. The classic pattern of blue-white houses, crammed next to each other, with tiny alleys in between is what makes Astypalaia different from the rest of the Dodecanese islands. Culturally, it bears elements from both the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. The result is a fantastic combination that makes Astropalia stand out!


Astypalaia - Hill View

Chora is built on top of a hill.

The Aegean butterfly

The nickname of Astypalaia is the Aegean butterfly. It earned it due to its shape, that reminds you a lot of this pretty animal. Another reason for being called a butterfly is its amazing beauty that charms every visitor. The ‘jewel’ of the Aegean offers breathtaking views towards the sea, especially during sunset or sunrise, amazing beaches, hiking paths, picturesque villages and the most welcoming residents.

In the past, the islanders had a big problem with pirate invasions. That’s why the main settlement of the island is built in such a high point.

General info

The Dodecanese was the last region that became part of the Greek State, and it was the one that completed the country as we know it today. In 1947 Astypalaia along with the other islands changed hands; Italy signed the Peace Treaty that gave the complex to Greece.

Today, there are approximately 1300 residents, but this number gets a lot bigger during summertime. The inhabited villages are Astypalaia or Chora which is the island’s capital and gathers the biggest amount of population, Analipsi or Maltezana, the second biggest settlement, Livadi and finally the tiny spot of Vathi.

Chora is built on top of a hill. In the past, the islanders had a big problem with pirate invasions. That’s why the main settlement of the island is built in such a high point. The centre has a cute square and many windmills in a row that creates the perfect Aegean scenery. Plus, on the village’s highest point, one of the most charming Venetian castles of the Aegean Sea, adorns Astropalia. Inside its walls, you can find a picturesque chapel and an aesthetic bar, ideal for relaxing summer nights! Chora also contains Pera Gialos, a former separate village on the shore. You won’t be able to tell where Pera Gialos ends and Chora starts. Pera Gialos is a good choice for a walk on the beach and of course for swimming.

The exotic Aegean

A one-day excursion to the small islands of Koutsomitis and Kounoupes is a must-do!

After a small boat trip, you will find yourself in an exotic paradise. These two uninhabited islands do not have the typical Aegean waters. The scenery makes you feel like you are in an exotic place somewhere in the middle of the ocean. White sand, turquoise waters and an untouched environment mesmerize every visitor.

Where to swim?

Apart from the beach of Pera Gialos, the island offers many options to its visitors.

Livadi is located behind the hill of Chora and is a rocky beach surrounded by vegetation.

Mikro and Megalo Steno are perfect for small travellers.

Plakes: a beautiful rocky beach with an amazing seabed invites you to put your mask and explore the depth of the sea.

Mple limanaki: a tiny marvellous beach where you should go early if you want to find a place.

Vatses beach is a sandy beach with a small beach bar. The Negro’s Grotto is very close to the beach if you want to pay a visit.

How to get there?

You can reach Astypalaia in two ways, either by taking the ferry from Piraeus port or by catching a flight from Athens. It is also connected with many more Aegean islands, like Amorgos, Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos. The choice is yours!

Island Activities:

Astypalaia is full of options for those who do not seek ordinary summer activities.

Hiking: many routes cross the Aegean butterfly, check a map and make your own!

Scuba Diving: Astypalaia has a pretty seabed, it’s a pity not to discover it.

Archaeological interest: like every single place in Greece, Astropalia invites you to explore everything it has to offer!

Water sports: last but not least, like every in Aegean island take advantage of the wind and fling yourself into windsurfing. Other alternatives are canoeing or cycling.

This is an island that is easy to fall in love with and you may find yourself returning summer after summer. Unique, unforgettable, highly recommended!

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