Central Greece
Central Greece
Central Greece

Central Greece

Central Greece is home to unfathomable beauty known to very few visitors.

The most visited location within Central Greece is probably Delphi. The ancient site is the location of an oracle, famous in ancient times for the obscure prophecies given by the priestesses of Apollo. Important figures, heroes and philosophers would travel to Delphi to visit the priestess Pythia and hear of their fate.

Visitors that come to the area can explore the archaeological site, admire the ancient stadium or simply enjoy the view of a thousand olive trees sprawling around the valley.

Polydrosos is one of the lesser known traditional villages in Greece located at the foothill of Mount Parnassus untouched by the numerous waves of tourists that visit the country every year.

The architecture is simple yet efficient; the grey stone houses, softened by time, are designed to retain the heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer.

There are no 5-star hotels here; you will find though, in the kind faces of the locals and the serene simplicity of their guesthouses, a hospitality that is unparalleled.

For the lovers of wine, Polydrosos has a aspecial surprise in store with its very own winery.

Here not only can you visit the vineyard but you will observe the winemaking process and taste some of the best varieties of Greek wine.

Another town in the area of Central Greece is Amfissa.

In close proximity to the oracle of DelphiAmfissa has the advantages of a small town as well as a wide variety of quaint shops while retaining that traditional village life feel.

Busy squares, architectural gems, windows and door frames that beg to be photographed, leading to small courtyards covered under heavy grape vines and colorful flowers.

What is great about Polydrosos is that it can be a starting point for a unique exploration of Greek nature and its top quality products.

Surrounded by extensive and ancient woodlands, the area around the village is a paradise to hikers, mountain bikers and skiers.

For the more adventurous, there is an abandoned bauxite mine that is open to visitors; here, one can enjoy a wagon cart exploration of the excavated caves and experience the feel of a real miner.

Inside the picturesque village, one will find many quaint shops that offer handmade products, such as cheese and herbs, for sale.

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Views over the Gulf of Corinth in this little charming town adorned with neoclassical houses along the waterfront.

Livadeia - Definitely Greece
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The area of Krya in Livadeia.


  • Explore the city of Livadeia and its beautiful river
  • Go to Agoriani for a charming village aesthetic and amazing food
  • Drive to Arahova for cosmopolitan charm and great nightlife
  • Go to the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi
  • Explore Amfissa and gaze into a carpet of olive oil trees
  • Head to the charming fishing village of Galaxidi by the water

Come discover the Central part of Greece and explore DelphiAmfissaGalaxidi, Livadeia and Polydrosos among many little known villages.

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