Crete is a blessed slice of paradise on the edge of the Aegean Sea.

Crete, the island of King Minoas is justifiably one of the most popular among the Greek islands and is visited by millions of people from all over the globe.  Visitors fall in love with the food, the simple yet rejuvenating freshness of treats like traditional dakos and local cheeses. Here, the top quality of the fruits and vegetables must be the secret. Or maybe it is the Cretan sun, the fresh sea air and the natural beauty all around you.

You may have heard of Malia, Knossos and Chania. You may also have visited Herakleion, the island’s vibrant capital. Or, you may even have tried raki, the drink so popular in Crete.  But have you visited a traditional Cretan Farm or observed the production of Olive Oil? Have you ever been to a local fair and learned to dance traditional Cretan dances? On your Cretan excursion, you will be given the opportunity not only to taste the best natural products Crete has to offer but also to meet the people and processes behind the production of these exquisite products. You will be able to see Crete as a local with visits to villages untouched by time and protected in their mountainous isolation. 

Crete is high on the list of every informed traveller.

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