The center of the ancient world is located on a steep valley, carefully enclosed by imposing mountains. This was the sanctuary of Apollo, revered by all Greeks.

This is the oracle where Pythia gave her obscure prophesies for thousands of years. This was also one of the main places where competitive games took place with representatives from all over Greece competing for a laurel crown cut from the sacred tree of Apollo.

As you walk around the archaeological site, close your eyes and try to imagine the splendor of Ancient Delphi. Try harder and you will even feel the heat from the eternal fire that burnt on Apollo’s hearth or catch a glimpse of Pythia’s long, white robes.

Take time to admire the scenery; it is not random that Delphi was located here in Central Greece. There is a quality in the air which, combined with the awe-inspiring scenery, makes you feel a certain reverence and humility.

Countless offerings and dedications that were made to secure Apollo’s favour are now, millennia later, exhibited here, and one can admire their creators’ artistry and attention to detail.

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The ancient stadium where thousands would once gather. It now welcomes visitors from all around the world.

Famous statues, like Iniohos (or the Charioteer of Delphi), the Sphinx of Naxos, as well as Cleobis and Biton can be found here.

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