Galaxidi, the maritime town that speaks with its silence.

The central road leads you directly to the main harbor where the fresh sea breeze seizes you and your eyes get full of lovely images; old cafes, little taverns, caiques and sailboats tied up to the dock remnants of the old navy glory of this little town. People are promenading and admiring the green views of the hill that stands opposite of Galaxidi and the great volume of mountain Parnassus and Delphi in the horizon.

At the beginning of the 20th century the citizens of Galaxidi didn’t manage to upgrade from the use of sails to steam. Although it was one of the most commercial and flourishing harbors of Greece, Galaxidi lost the bet with modernization.

However, this stagnation turned out to be the reason of preservation of its unique and human character. It remains a place filled with the history and the nobility of its maritime past. Galaxidi has been characterized as a traditional settlement since 1978, and since then this old maritime town has been transformed into a contemporary, traditional and tourism oriented community.

The mansions and the backstreets, which remain unchanged over the decades and centuries, connect the two harbors of the little city. If you follow these narrow streets, you will explore the scenery of the old but elegant and well preserved captain houses with courtyards paved with pebbles and gardens full of flowers.


The town of Galaxidi a stone’s throw away from Amfissa and Delphi.

Views over the Gulf of Corinth in this little charming town adorned with neoclassical houses along the waterfront

Visitors that travel to Galaxidi seek the elegant Greek aesthetic which is still alive. Most of them love to combine their visit with Delphi that stands only few kilometers away. The ambiance in Galaxidi is romantic, nostalgic and the rhythm of life is calm, reminding us all of past times.

Each one of these two-floor houses stand with grace and beauty.

They all seem alike but yet each one of them is unique. The sailors of Galaxidi used to paint the wooden floors of their houses with the remaining paint of their ships. The first floor of these beautiful houses is called αβέρτο (averto), which means one and only space room with no walls, used for spreading and sewing the nets. Each careful reconstruction of these houses preserves those elements that are basic for Galaxidi’s aesthetic.

Walking from one harbor to another

One of the mansions hosts the Maritime and Archaeological Museum. This lovely little museum has a cylindrical amphora dated 3000 b.c, some ancient coins, weapons and an astonishing stamp collection. It is a pleasant and representative theoretical introduction to the history of this place.

In the same neighborhood, you must not miss the “Old Galaxidi”, the wooden temple of Saint Nicolas church, protector of seamen. This temple is a masterpiece, dating to 1655 that impress our eyes with its details.

Leaving this spot you must go down to the second little harbor of the coast.

A nice stroll down Chirolaka in the afternoon or late evening when the sun is kinder. The astonishing mansions of this lovely neighborhood are like a vivid museum of architecture and lead you to Liotrivi, an old olive oil mill that stands by the sea, where you can have dinner or coffee and admire the paintings of the owner.

You might be in mainland Greece but you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that Galaxidi feels like an island destination. Until 1963, when the first national road was constructed, Galaxidi remained a peaceful and isolated destination. Its only connection to other cities was by sea, so without being one it created an island atmosphere and a very unique character.

Fresh air and homemade breakfast

Galaxidi’s nightlife has few but very interesting proposals for dinner as well as options for relaxing drinks at the first harbor’s cafes and restaurants. If you feel the need to enjoy something more intense you can easily have it in Arachova, a ski-resort in Mount Parnassus that is only half an hour away.

You will fast realize that wild nightlife is not suitable to Galaxidi. It’s more appropriate to enjoy a morning walk to the other side of the harbor, with the sea on one side and the hill with the pine-forest on the other.

In the few little shops and galleries you will find beautiful souvenirs

Don’t miss bringing home some of the interesting flavoured homemade marmalades. You can taste them in every hotel’s and guesthouse’s breakfast together with handmade sweets, pies, eggs and cakes.

If you stay in Galaxidi for even two days you will feel relaxed and start to eagerly follow its rhythm. It’s a place with a unique and intense character that speaks with its silence.

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