“As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.” – C. P. Kavafi, Ithaka

What is it about this small island in the ionian sea that made Oddyseus struggle there for ten years before his return?

What was so special that witches’ or goddesses’ promises of immortality or even fatal poisons could not frighten him away from the island?

Ithaka is a symbol of longing for home, immortalised by Homer in his Odyssey, but also a theme which manages to inspire contemporary artists. Maybe Ithaka herself is the greatest enchantress of them all.

The most striking aspect of the island is the serene peacefulness you will feel the moment you enter the bay of Vathi, its capital. Her traditional, doll-like houses welcome you to travel back to a more relaxed time and invite you to momentarily escape your reality and to lose yourself in this dreamlike land.

In the middle of the bay lies the tiny island of Lazaretto, a green jewel in the bright blue refuge of Vathi’s port.

Ithaka Island - Greece
© Zhang Yu on Flickr

Ithaki may be small but is, nevertheless, full of potential. Explore it like a local!

If you are a lover of natural beauty bring your hiking boots and prepare to explore the island on foot.

In the summer, Ithaka is a favourite destination among lovers of sailing, who choose to lose themselves in the beauty of its many private natural coves.

She is also a haven for artists, who find inspiration in Ithaka’s serene environment which helps them to unwind and start afresh.

No need to share your slice of paradise!

Despite its profound history, breathtaking beauty, crystal blue sea and white stony beaches, the island has not been exposed to mass tourism development and remains a destination for those in the know, disregarded by many in their exploration of the Ionian islands.

Here you can stay in simple yet elegant apartments and arty boutique hotels, taste authentic dishes in traditional tavernas or just simply relax by the sea.

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Gorge House by the river - Epirus