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Koufonisia is an island complex, that consists of 4 islands: Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi, Keros and Glaronisi.

These teeny-tiny islands are of great beauty and a must-visit destination.

They belong to the small or lesser Cyclades island complex in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Koufonisia literally means hollow islands and the reason behind this name are the numerous caves on the islands’ shores.

Keros and Glaronisi are uninhabited islands, although Keros had permanent residents during antiquity and the middle ages. Today, Keros is a place of great archaeological interest, while Glaronisi is a declared Natura 2000 area. You can only visit them with a private boat, upon request.

Kato Koufonisi, which means lower Koufonisi due to its geographical position, is also uninhabited. A few years ago, a small number of families used to live on the island, but nowadays only some fishermen stay there.

The setting changes radically in the summer. Kato Koufonisi is a paradise for the free-campers! Let’s say that there are two settlements; one close to the only restaurant of the island and the other on Nero beach. This does not mean that they are the only places to put your tent. In almost every corner of this rough island, you will find a tent! By rough, we do not only mean the scenery, but also the conditions of living for a short period of time there. There are no supermarkets, no potable water, no electricity! There is only one taverna (traditional Greek restaurant). ‘Venetsanos’ that operates from early in the morning, serving breakfast, until 23:00.

 The cuisine is authentic and traditional, but its strongest element is the atmosphere; it’s the meeting point of the campers of the island. Quite often a spontaneous party erupts out of nowhere!

© Stefanos Zacharakis

Stay in Ano Koufonisi and visit Kato Koufonisi as a day trip. Its amazing beaches and the hiking paths are totally something to experience!

Ano Koufinisi is the only inhabited island; the number of permanent residents is around 360. It has two settlements: Chora and Foinikas. Both are excellent examples of traditional Cycladic architecture. The size of the island is perfect for walking from one place to another.  Bring your sneakers and cover by foot the 5,77 m2. You can also take the bus or the boats (which is the most idyllic way), but one thing is for sure: you do not need a car!

The beaches are insanely beautiful, with emerald green, crystal clear water. Pori, Italida, Fanos, Gala and the natural pool that is called ‘The eye of the devil’ are the best places to swim at.

Chora offers a variety of options regarding restaurants, fast food, breakfast, cafes, and bars to its visitors.

The only way to reach the island of Kato Koufonisi is taking one of the boats that have many routes throughout the day, from Ano Koufonisi.

Koufonisia used to be an alternative destination, mostly preferred by the hippies and the intelligentsia. Today, it has become a cosmopolitan place with many places to accommodate travelers from all over the world.

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