The more mature version of its exciting ‘cousin’ Mykonos, Paros has an infectious energy that leaves every traveller elated with a deep sense of fulfilment.

Melding tradition with modernism Paros is the perfect island for those who want to embrace the classic Greek experience.

Conveniently Paros is one of the Greek islands with an airport, so this is a wonderful alternative if you’d prefer not to take the ferry. However, if you’re up for the ferry ride and want to add Paros to your Greek island hopping itinerary it will take you 3.5 to 5 hours, depending on what ferry you take from Athens.

Parikia, the island’s capital, is a contrasting infusion of white and blue. Whitewashed, flat-topped houses scatter the towns main hub with the characteristic blue shutters. The twisting stone cobbled alleys lead you from a wide-open seafront to narrow and intimate walkways that are a wonder to get lost in. Under the shade of creeping bougainvillaea, a plethora of stores and tavernas await.


In Paros, you cannot help but be swept away by the charm that you uncover at every corner.

The beautiful village of Naoussa:

This little town is adored for its vibrantly coloured boats that sit quietly tethered and softly bouncing on crystal clear Aegean waters. You could spend hours exploring its sprawling maze of cobbled alleys. A stand out feature of Naoussa is Kimisis Theotokou church, which you can see perched on the hill overlooking the port.

This church embodies Naoussas electric energy and infectious sunny disposition. Its turquoise domed rooftops, baby blue windows and bright red doors are a delightful combination that mirrors the vibrancy of this little town. Parikia may be the capital of Paros, but Naoussa rivals it in character.

The beaches:

In Paros, you are spoiled for choice, with a collection of beaches so vast one would need weeks to scratch the surface. Some with long stretches of golden sand and others with magnificent remnants of the islands volcanic origin, such as Kolymbithres.

A water sports paradise:

If there was ever an island that you felt compelled to try your hand at water sports, Paros would be the one to entice you. Golden Beach in Paros has been the chosen location for the Windsurfing World Championships for many years in a row. So whether it’s windsurfing or kitesurfing, the relaxed nature of this laidback island can take an intrepid turn if you’re up for an adventure!

A few days in Paros won’t do it justice, but it’s enough to steal your heart.

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