The Ultimate Itinerary For Greece

The Ultimate Itinerary For Greece

From North to South experience the Greece you have heard about, studied and dreamed of in these 10 must-see locations.

Our dreams and goals are to introduce you to the beauty of Greece, not only the well-known sites but also experiences centered in local village life, experiences that are unique and will provide lifelong memories.

Being locals ourselves, we are driven by a passion for what we do, and a great love for this blessed land.

This is why we offer a series of three premium trips for visitors that cover a large part of the most breathtaking destinations in the country for those who want to immerse themselves in the Greek spirit and culture. 

We call this ”Trilogy” and here is the first part of it:

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15 Day Trip – 10 Destinations

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We Travel In Groups

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Dates Available Below

The available dates for this trip are: 

24 May- 7 June

1 July- 15 July

23 August- 6 September

10 September – 24 September

However, if you are interested in any other dates for a similar group tour please contact us and we will seek to accommodate you as best we can.


  • Our trip will start from the capital city of Athens. Athens will combine the luxury of city life with a journey back in time. We will visit famous sites and beautiful historic spots, like the Acropolis, the stunning new Acropolis museum, the Ancient Agora, Plaka, and Monastiraki. Fine dining and city tours will set you up for the first phase of our trip: the mainland.
  • Central Greece. Here you will experience not only the natural beauty of Greece’s mountains but you will also be able to mingle with the locals. You will experience village life; the relaxed rhythm, traditional culture, fresh food and handmade goods, all locally produced by the villagers and delivered as only Greeks can, with a passion for life and a smile on their face. Visit the battlefield of Thermopylae where Sparta’s famed 300 fought the Persian invaders and experience the mystical environs of the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Greece is also the home of the magnificent suspended monasteries of Meteora. Poised hundreds of feet above the valley floor on gigantic, awe-inspiring rocky monoliths, these monasteries house many of the historical treasures found in Orthodoxy.  You will not only be able to witness this natural spectacle but also have the opportunity to stroll among these towering monasteries.

  • Remnants of Greece’s history and mythology will unravel before your eyes as you walk the slopes of Mt. Olympus. This area of central Macedonia is rich in history with many ancient ruins both in the cities’ proper and the surrounding region, such as the ancient ruins of Vergina, the spiritual capital of Alexander the Great. Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece, from its founding, has been the commercial and cultural center of the Balkans. Thessaloniki is the second city of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople. Thessaloníki is remarkable for its many beautifully preserved Byzantine monuments.
  • Next, we will take a short flight south where you will immerse yourself in the unique culture and lifestyle of Crete, Greece’s largest island. Prepare to be dazzled by the majesty of its mountainous terrain, ringed by golden beaches and rocky shorelines.   From remote and exotic beaches to high altitude mountain villages with their own unique culture, cuisine and history, Crete abounds with natural settings seemingly made for human enjoyment.
  • Finally, the major highlight of the tour will be enjoying the visual splendor of Santorini – the bright white of Santorini’s architecture topped by the sky blue domes of the many Orthodox churches set against the vivid red of her volcanic cliffs. Breathtaking views of the caldera, exploring Oia, Pyrgos, Megalohori and all the beautiful traditional villages on the island.

For the detailed itinerary please contact us here.
* Note: The above destinations may possibly change based on the dates of your trip.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is this a private or a group tour?

Private tours are available for any of our group packages. Ιf you are travelling solo, with your partner or with a small group of friends you can either join one of our tour group options or contact us to discuss how we can design this trip for your private group.

What are the dates for the Ultimate Itinerary For Greece trip?

The dates are:

24 May – 7 June
1 July – 15 July
23 August – 6 September
10 September – 24 September

However, if you are interested in any other dates for a similar group tour please contact us and we will seek to accommodate you as best we can.

Is this an all inclusive trip?

The tour cost includes all accommodation, all tour transportation costs from the point of arrival to the point of departure (including domestic flights and ferry tickets); also meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner with the exception of 3 dinners specified in the itinerary); and finally, all guided tours and museum tickets.

Not included in the price are visa, travel insurance, tips, gifts, extra drinks and personal expenses in general. However, please note that you are responsible for arranging your international flight to Athens which will be our starting destination for this trip. Your international flight must arrive one day prior to the first day of the tour.

Airport to hotel transfer and accommodation for the first night are included in the tour itinerary.

I have more questions, how will I contact you?

Great! Please follow this link so we can arrange a suitable time for a Skype or Facetime chat.