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This small town at the foot of the Pieria mountains in Central Macedonia was once the heart of the Ancient Macedonian Kingdom.

Welcome to Vergina in Macedonia!

Vergina held a key position in the middle of ancient Macedon and with its unique scenery and a natural beauty, it stood as the spiritual capital of Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great.

A feeling, familiar to the lovers of history, overcomes you the moment you set foot on this storied piece of land. A certain chill hinting at the fact that this was a theatre of great actions.

From here, Alexander the Great began his journey to conquer the world. He whispered a few words of prayer in the temple and started a military campaign that united all of Greece and took him as far as India, forever changing the face of the world.

Unfortunately, he was never to return. It is his father who lays buried here in a sealed tomb, undisturbed for two thousand years inside a splendid urn of pure gold with the sun of Macedon overhead.

Excellent crowns made of pure gold, coins and sculptures will offer you a glimpse of the splendor and wealth of Philip II’s Kingdom.

Admire the intricately designed burial artifacts found in the tombs.

The tomb and a few others, belonging to Macedonian Royalty, are now carefully enclosed in the museum of Vergina that is open to visitors.

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