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Diaporos island is found on the second leg of the Halkidiki peninsula, very close to Thessaloniki in the northern part of Greece.

Halkidiki has three peninsulas, or legs, as they are most often called by locals, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The last is actually a self-governed. monastic state with more than 2,000 monks.

Sithonia is known for its incredible turquoise water beaches and stunning nature. While parties and beach bars are not missing from the scene, the second leg of Halkidiki also attracts nature lovers and families looking for quiet escapes. Organized camping options abound in Sithonia, so you can always find something to suit your needs.

Diaporos Island Halkidiki
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How to get to Diaporos Island

To get to Diaporos you will first have to reach Vourvourou. From Thessaloniki and depending on traffic this will take at least two hours.

Vourvourou is a small coastal village in Sithonia with seasonal visitors that come for the world-class beaches and resorts in the area. Some of the best beaches in Sithonia can be found around Vourvourou, that will instantly make you wonder whether you are in the Caribbean.

Once there, you will have the option of renting a boat to navigate the bay privately, hiring someone to taxi you across to the beaches or paddling across on a kayak.

Diaporos Island Halkidiki
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Some information regarding boat rentals for Diaporos Island

There are a lot of companies offering boat rentals in the area, with prices starting from 70 euro for the day for up to 6 people.

  • It is best to book ahead, especially for weekends over August.
  • You will have the boat from morning till sunset
  • You don’t need a licence to rent most of the boats
  • Most boats will come equipped with chiller ice boxes, and umbrella’s (in addition to safety equipment) but do ask so you come prepared
Diaporos Island Halkidiki
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What to see on Diaporos Island

The beauty of Diaporos Island is of course the countless bays with warm and shallow turquoise waters, where you can spend the day. Leaving Vourvourou behind, you will slide by small bays, pine tree forests and sandy beaches, with countless options as to where to stop.

Two of the most popular spots, that you should aim to discover if you can are Myrsini beach and the Blue Lagoon.

Myrsini Beach also known as White Beach for the striking and blinding contrast of the clear blue water and white sand, is located on the east side of the island.

The Blue Lagoon is equally impressive, nested between Diaporos Island and Agios Isidoros, creating the feeling of a large magical pool.

Diaporos Island Halkidiki
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  • Diaporos Island and the surrounding area is a place of pristine beauty and immense natural beauty. Do not leave Sithonia without visiting. 

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