Efthymia Kalogirou – Baldwin

Efi Kalogirou - smiling - black and white -

Definitely Greece – The eternal destination

Greece, to many, is the dream vacation of a lifetime: the islands and beaches, the ruins and museums, the food and wine. But, to me, Greece is home and Greeks are my people.

My passion is to share this wondrous and storied land, both the known and the not-so-known, with you. Our family has travelled quite a lot; all these years friends and acquaintances, in all those countries we’ve lived in, have been asking questions about Greece. Well, to be more accurate, they told me what they knew about my country and they expressed a desire to visit Greece one day. With this thought and with a lot of passionate work on what was, at first, simply an idea, it has become a reality.

In our trips, we will visit many different villages that tourism has left untouched and unexplored. A series of trips designed with care and lots of surprises will show you my country, my Greece, away from the queues and the tourist-laden spots; to meet the people, to taste the flavors, to explore the hidden paradise you have always dreamed of.

Efthymia Kalogirou – Baldwin