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Definitely You

You are a special and unique individual and we want to encourage you to be a part of a group of women who enjoy each other’s company, have similar interests and probably the same dreams. We already have a range of activities to offer, from sightseeing to hiking or relaxing outdoor yoga sessions and cooking classes. We would like it to be you who guide us and who tells us what you want. Once that is covered, we will make sure we give you a bit more of that extra touch which only Greece can give you. But first, let it be you that sets out the itinerary. You give us the clues, we create a uniquely YOURS holiday experience.

Definitely True

Think of that exhilarating moment when you are in the presence of friends and can finally leave behind all that distracts you from your true self. However, an ultimate holiday experience is not just about letting go; it’s more about filling the void of distractions with energy, a clearer perspective and a more mindful attitude. It is about finding moderation and balance to keep you steady throughout the months ahead. You can’t return from the holiday being a new you but you can return a better, clearer version of you; and perhaps, with our help, you can find the meaning and fill the void with a story of self, closer to your true longings and desires.

Be alone, be with friends, do things you enjoy but never have the time to do and try out new pursuits; whatever catches your eye, whatever is closest to your heart, whatever is closest to the TRUE YOU.

Definitely Greece

To say that Greece is the country where the blue of the sky meets the blue of the sea in the shade of an olive tree seems like a cliche, yet here the water assumes so many shades of blue and the light paints awe-aspiring hues throughout the day that leaves you breathless. It allows for nothing redundant or superfluous, it almost forces you to be true, true to nobody but you, your friends and each other’s company.

It takes a woman to appreciate the making of a wholesome meal after collecting the ingredients from a nearby garden, the herbs from a leisurely hike on a hill in the company of a traditional Greek old lady (yiayia) and turning them all into a traditional pie baked in an outdoor wood oven. Never is a meal better appreciated than when you’ve made it yourself and can enjoy it in the presence of your closest friends. Then there’s wine-tasting, more food-tasting, traditional dancing, crafts and local delicacies, to be indulged into your heart’s content.

As for sightseeing, you have numerous cultural experiences to choose from such as events and activities inspired by the myths, the heroes, the heroines and the stories that come from a tiny little country at the Southern end of Europe. All of these reveal the philosophical and artistic achievements of a civilization so unique, that people always wish to find ways to re-discover it.

Become acquainted with all of these elements and self-discoveries in the land where they were born, in the physical landscape of classical antiquity, with temples and monuments appearing around the corner where you least expect them. Absorb it all in a circle of friends who share your interests and feel an equal need to discuss them. Explore and understand how we all still relate to our own past, present and future.

Greece has more than something for everyone, but it takes a true Greek to guide you to that special something that is hidden here just for you.

Wait no longer! Our upcoming trip awaits you.

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