I really enjoy reading quotes of great men and women.

And it is not that I am used to them or that I follow any new trend. I really enjoy reading beautiful, smart or funny quotes; I analyze them, I imagine after what turns in life the speaker could say such a thing and what could be applied or not in my life.

Certainly, the internet and social media have made travel quotes very easy to access, not to say inevitable to escape. For almost every subject you can find beautiful, smart or funny quotes that make you think or laugh.

But it is not randomness that made me get used to searching for quotes and become addicted to them. I really enjoy devouring these microcapsules of life and wisdom. They make me meditate as well as imagine under which circumstances and experiences a man could pronounce such a saying. Then I measure up the pros and cons to see whether this or that could be applied in my own life or not. It is like reading a book and finding something that I have thought about or lived through described in beautiful words. But with quotes is more concentrated, quick and effective.

Today, on my way back home from work, I had my sensations full of charming colors and odors of blooming almond trees. The astonishing blue winter sky was yelling Spriiing is coming and I felt so blessed to live in Greece. So, when I finished preparing a meal for my kids and had a few minutes to take a deep breath I started searching for quotes from Greeks, people who were brought up under this same sun and sky.

“It is during the darkest moments

that we must focus to see the light.”


Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle was a businessman and probably a very tough one, that’s why he had such an enormous success, but this quote about darkness and light is so Hellenic, I love it.

Here in Delphi where I live, this game of light and darkness is so familiar to us, I recognized it at once.

God Apollo was the light, the divine power inside of us that represents progress and evolution.

God Dionysus was the darkness, our inner instinctive self that must not only be tamed but recognized and appreciated if we seek to find happiness.

Metaphorically in every difficult situation the positive thought of light and hope can keep us on the track, as the evolution is ahead, we are not neglecting whatever presses us, we work on it with patience and strength keeping our eyes on the moment and the place we would like to be.

What I’m trying to say might be clearer with the external conditions of our lives. Now it is winter time in Greece, the daylight is shorter, and the weather is heavy and so are our programs and obligations, but spring and summer are ahead and hopefully they will bring a lot of sunshine and joy. We must focus on it.

Experience, travel – these are

education in themselves


Euripides, one of the three great tragedians, surpasses the obvious and profound role of classical education and manages to give in one sentence a perfect alternative but also a realistic definition of it. Who could disagree that the most efficient and deep education for someone is whatever he experiences and accumulates as knowledge on his own? The paths of our life with our relationships, our choices or not-choices form our personality and mentality and we become what we are, despite what we have heard or read during long and boring school courses.

All philosophers and poets of Ancient Greece were seekers of experiences and life in their own way.

They participated in common things, they fought for their country when needed and they travelled a lot. And that is so true, if you are looking for your Kythira or your Mykonos, the adventure of the trip will mark you for sure. The beautiful scenery, a simple taste, the different but interesting people you will meet will make your personality and memories richer.

Beware of the barrenness of a busy life,


Maybe Socrates was an introvert, as I am.

I can’t tolerate a life packed with activity every day, not anymore, and I never liked it. I need time alone, time to think, time to reflect, time to read, even time to enjoy doing nothing, some dolce far niente. Then I can go out and do what I have to do. I’m slowing down a bit and becoming more present-oriented. I like it.
I worked long hours at a fast pace for a long, long time. I was ambitious, wanting to be good at doing things and accomplishing things. I always wanted to be the best and to receive good reviews and promotions. I regularly took night classes. That drive doesn’t offer a lot of downtime.

I feel much more content now, there is less pressure, less dread of what a new day will bring. I relate completely to this quote. Socrates and I are on the same page.

This is how I feel when I read those words.

Choice, not chance, determine your destiny 

Quality is not an act; it is a habit


These quotes are supplementary, well at least that’s how I receive them.

Choice, Action, Quality, Stability.

I wonder who wouldn’t wish to know the smarter way to achieve all of that.

I imagine Aristotle as a life coach that whispers into our ears what is most important in life, in order to win in this race of goals and choices. And his words create in my mind this narrative:

Be dynamic; do not give up easily, misfortunes and problems always happen to all of us. Always have in mind where you wish to arrive and what your next goal is.
It might be a new job, a new creative project, a new dress, a unique trip with friends or solo, it could just be a closer step to the real you. Focusing on that makes everything more clear, automatically you know what suits you or not, what must be kept or not. We all make choices, but now you make them with a deeper sense of reason and certainty.

Once you follow that, then you begin to understand how easy it is to achieve Quality in your life.

Because you have focused on the things you wished to have in your life and that is already a quality way of living and since this becomes your routine, your habit is not a random effect of a simple action, it is a whole lifestyle.

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