Haralabos Papanikolaou

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My name is Haralabos and I was raised and born in Athens. Since I was a child, music was part of my life. I still play the guitar, buzuki, and other string traditional instruments.

I am fond of Greek traditional dances and I love transmitting the magic of it interacting with people of other cultures. As you dance in a circular Greek dance, sometimes a magical moment comes up, when all the participants share the same rhythm. This is the moment when you can feel flying with all dancers as if you were one body. This is what I’ve many times felt and I hope you to feel too.

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Early Life

In my twenties, I went to live in Rome where I studied archaeology. My studies gave me the opportunity to discover and learn the ancient Greek history, which is one of my passions.

When I went back to Athens, Greece was in the middle of a financial crisis and it was difficult to find a job as an archaeologist. So I started to make a living by playing music in bars, weddings and festivals, till 2016, when I decided to change my life, leaving behind the big city and making a new start in a smaller town named Kalamata.

A New Beginning 

I found this city suitable to me because I realized how important is to have quality of time. My life wasn´t a race against time as it was before. What is more, as I love swimming, sailing, cycling, hiking and collecting herbs, Kalamata was the best place where you can have easy contact with nature. There, I studied and became a certified tour guide, which last 3 years constitute not only my current job but also a passion. As I m very social, I like to meet people from different places of the world and sharing with them what I loved of my country. Greek history and culture is also expressed by its musical tradition, an endless treasure that I used to deal with since my childhood. I studied buzuki (a greek traditional string instrument), Lute, and Byzantine music (theory and practice).

I’m convinced that music connects us to each other and make us feel united. I always remember my father’s words: ‘’Keep playing. Your music will be your passport to your whole life’’. As I wander around the world, I realized that it was true.