Mount Olympus: A Mythical Experience

astrophotography of mt olympus with milky way visible in the sky

Mount Olympus is arguably the most famous mountain in the world thanks to Zeus and his godly associates. Mt. Olympus is the home of the gods of Greek Mythology and thus, is the main reason for countless stories and tales that account for this fame.

The mountain is the tallest in Greece (2.917 meters) and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Each visitor desires to experience this unique place for many different reasons: the lure of Greek mythology, the opportunity to climb a beautiful mountain, the love of nature, geological research and many more.

A sunset view of Mount Olympus in Greece, with orange sky colours and dark blue silhouette of the mountains.

Countless paths will satisfy your hiking and climbing desire in the National Park of Olympus. Starting from a low altitude, Enipea’s canyon you will enjoy a beautiful river setting. Hiking along the Enipea river, which flows through the region of Prionia (1.1100 meters), you will cross wooden bridges from the one side of the canyon to the other in a verdant, green setting. If you decide to climb to the upper altitudes of the mountain, your experiences will begin to change.

Comfortable and well-organised huts and mountain refuges are there to afford you food, water and sleep. At 2.200 meters, you enter the alpine zone where the lush green landscape gives way to a rocky and more barren setting which will make a greater demand on your hiking efforts. 

Valley with low plants and bushes and few bits of snow with the view of Zeus seat in the background in Mount Olympus Greece.

But when you approach the Muses Plateau (2.600 meters), your fatigue will melt away as finally enter the Mythic Zone! Flowers and green fields populated by the famous wild goats of Olympus welcome you to the home of the Greek gods.

You immediately stare at Zeus’ throne and your only desire is to reach this vaunted destination.

There are two mountain huts to supply you all your needs and guide you to the top of Mt. Olympus (Mitikas 2.917 meters). Muses Plateau is the ultimate place to enjoy the view from above. Several peaks can be found in this region with different views to satisfy your eyes as they take in these panoramic vistas.

Another precious feature of this unique mountain is its geological riches which attract many scientists from all over the world every year.

It’s no accident that the Greek, and multi-award winning reporter Athina Krikeli and her international production company ELLOPIATV chose the geological character and history of Mount Olympus to be the subject of her second documentary, “Mount Olympus: The Creation, which is part of Mount Olympus, The Series (A 12 episode documentary series about mount Olympus with different themes for each episode.)

Geological history, mountain paths, the mountain wildlife, the alpine plant life, Olympus’ mythology and others comprise the content of these episodes). Mount Olympus: The Creation has already achieved several industry awards acknowledging it as a spectacular and unusual production.

Night sky view of the galaxy with a black sillouette of the mountains in Mount Olympus Greece.

Outdoor sports lovers will also revel in the joys of the mountain of the gods.

Hikers, climbers, alpine skiers, canyoning enthusiasts, horse lovers and of course mountain trail runners love this mountain. Many trail running races take place all year long. The most famous is the Olympus Marathon which is an international event with athletes from all over the world.

Snowed fir tree mountain slopes in Mount Olympus Greece.

Here is the trailer for Mount Olympus the documentary.


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