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  • Traditional Greek cuisine in a modern and homely environment.
  • One of the most unique destinations on the planet.
  • Enjoy local mezedes while you explore the secrets of Greek cuisine.
  • Dine at the terrace with Santorini vineyards as your view.
  • Bring home your recipe book with all the secrets you have learnt.

An invitation to experience the joy of cooking lessons in Santorini!

On the island of Santorini, famous worldwide for its incredible natural beauty, with a unique volcanic soil and a delightful gastronomy based on local traditional products, is Petra Kouzina, an original proposal of Greek cuisine. Here guests are invited to take part in the preparation and tasting of a traditional Greek meal in a fun and cozy home environment.

Petra Kouzina is translated as “Stone Kitchen” which is an accurate description of the 1950’s restored “Cave House” that preserves the traditional architecture of the island and where this cooking experience takes place.

During 3,5 to 4 hours, you will be welcomed with mezedes (appetizers) and local wine and be guided by a professional chef in the preparation of 5 delicious Greek dishes not only as spectators but as cooks.

© Shutterstock via Petra Kouzina

After successfully creating a feast worthy of its reputation, you will enjoy your meal in a beautiful terrace that offers picturesque views of the surrounding valleys and vineyards. You will not only be delighted by your own preparations but served with dessert and Greek coffee or tea.


Petra Kouzina was born out of a desire to make visitors feel local, live as locals and enjoy signature Greek island living through a culinary experience.

A specially designed recipe book will be given to each guest before they leave Petra Kouzina’s home.

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