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Mykonos is the vibrant, star of the Mediterranean. This Greek island is visited by thousands of people every year. It has the nightlife and beaches that make it one of the most popular destinations in Greece. As well as being a popular destination for partygoers, Mykonos is also a great spot for families, friends or even a romantic getaway. This list of the top beaches in Mykonos will cater to whatever it is you desire. So whether you are staying for a week or even just a few days in Mykonos, grab your towel and head to the beach!


Panormos beach is just a short drive from Mykonos town. It’s located on the northern side of the island and because of it’s exposed position it can sometimes be windy. But if you catch it on a calm day it’s the perfect place to see a less crowded side of Mykonos.

While the surrounding area is upmarket and luxurious, Panormos is an unorganised beach, so if you want shade you’ll need to take your own umbrella! Another thing to note is that it’s frequented by nudists. The beach is super accessible if you’re renting a car or when the bus service is running you can catch a ride from the Old Port.

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Agios Sostis 

Agios Sostis is another one of the top beaches in Mykonos that we recommend you visit. Like Panormos, it is located on the less visited northern side of the island. Because the beach is unorganised and has no facilities you will need to take your own umbrella, water and snacks.

There is also no public transportation to this beach, but if you’re thinking of hiring a car or ATV this won’t be a problem. After you park your vehicle you will need to take a 5-10 minute walk to the beach itself, so keep that in mind. However, if you come prepared this beach is the perfect quiet spot to enjoy the Mykonian sun, far removed from the hustle and bustle of those further south.

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Paradise Beach

There is no denying that Mykonos is a haven for party lovers. Whether this is your scene or not, the Mykonian nightlife is legendary and Paradise beach one of the top beaches in Mykonos to experience it. Well known for its fresh and vibrant energy that attracts a cosmopolitan crowd of people, especially partiers, well into the night.

Paradise beach started in the 60s and grew in popularity to the phenomenon that it is today. Through word of mouth, the beach became a place to enjoy some sun, music and fun with likeminded people. Now it is known as the party capital of Greece. So, if you are into clubbing, cocktails, and world renowned DJs, this beach is for you!

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Platis Gialos

This is one of the best beaches in Mykonos and a favourite for tourists. Located on the southern side of the island it’s an organised beach with many restaurants and hotels that line the waterfront. Its calm waters and abundant amenities make it a great beach for families. From Platis Gialos you can catch a water taxi many of the surrounding beaches in Mykonos, which offers a quick way to fit in even more exploring!

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Agrari Beach

Agrari beach is perfect if you enjoy exploring off the beaten track, which makes it another of the top beaches in Mykonos. This is one of the beaches on the south side of the island that is much less frequented by tourists, so you’ll really enjoy the quieter atmosphere. This beach has umbrellas on one side and public areas for you to settle in for the day. Agrari is also nudist friendly.

There is a bar and restaurant on the beachfront and because of its isolated location it is a lot more reasonably priced than other beaches in Mykonos. The road down to the beach is steep so take extra care if you are driving down yourself.

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