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Greek Dessert Portokalopita Orange Pie

The top Greek desserts of this list are a combination of unique flavours, tradition, and modern twists.

With Greece being one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and one of the oldest civilizations, it would only make sense that the food options are just as magical.

Here are some of our favourite top Greek desserts that offer the perfect ending to every meal. And yes, you can skip your main meal to have these. They are just that good!


This is the king of Greek desserts that combines phyllo, custard and sweet smelling syrup.

The custard cream in the middle needs to be perfect consistency while the phyllo should be crunchy and soaking at the same time. A perfect balance of flavours that will make your mouth water and witness to a passionate coupling.

Top Greek Desserts List of Greek Desserts
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The number one answer when people think about top Greek desserts, and a controversial choice to say the least, with the origins of this one debated over in court!

While there are multiple variations of baklava, from Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkans, the Greek version has its own twist that is undeniably worth trying next time you are visiting.

Extra syrupy, with plenty of walnuts and a strong flavour of honey is what Greek versions of baklava are known for.

Top Greek Desserts - List of Greek Desserts
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This is another dessert that can be grouped within the baklava family and has multiple variations depending on where you are.

The filling, phyllo and sugar combinations are still very much present here with the main difference being that the phyllo in kantaifi is shredded and looks more like tiny pieces of angel hair pasta.

Pistachios, walnuts and almonds are hidden within the layers and it is best served with a bit of ice cream or heavy cream and extra nuts on top.


One of the top Greek desserts whose origin is less disputed is the majestic “portokalopita” or orange pie.

The cake is sweet and aromatic with strong flavours of cinnamon and orange while the syrup needs to be just right amount of sweet to bring everything together.

A simple and fast Greek dessert to try at home but also easily found at most Greek bakeries or pâtisserie shops around the country.

Top Greek Desserts List of Greek Desserts
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This Greek dessert will be hard to find in its original glory outside of Greece and is best consumed in its city of origin, Thessaloniki.

There are multiple variations, both sweet and savoury, but the authentic bougatsa for most people is layers of crunchy phyllo filled with sweet semolina custard and dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.

Once baked it is cut in small bit-sized pieces and eaten while still warm.

Savoury options can be found with cheese, spinach and mince.

Bougatsa Traditional Food
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Loukoumades are the perfect Greek dessert when you are feeling for something sweet and are also a top vegan option with some slight alternations in the toppings.

Similar to small doughnuts, these balls of fried dough are dusted with sugar or drenched in syrup then layered with whatever extras you most desire. Nuts, fruits and ice-cream are popular additions.

You will find loukoumades all around Greece but one place you should make an effort to see is the aptly called “Lukumades” in Athens. Opened in 2013, with multiple customer service awards, this is one place that has become THE place for dessert in Athens. Any flavour combination you can think of is possible here!

Loukoumades Athens - Greek Desserts
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The king of the Christmas period in Greece, melomakarona or “melomakarono” for one, are honey syrup cookies made from a mix of semolina flour, oil and nuts.

The dominating flavours are often orange, and brandy, and they are served with an extra layer of crunchy walnuts on top.

In recent years, the chocolate melomakarono has also become very popular.

Melomakarona Greek Cookies
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