Visiting Crete: The Waterfall Village

crete - waterfall village - stone pathway leading to taverna

Who could imagine that in Crete, there is something called a “waterfall village”?

There is a small, hidden paradise in Crete set amidst the flowing waters of mountain streams and babbling brooks which will create in you a feeling of calm that leaves you with the image of lying next to a waterfall.

Piges Argiroupolis is located 20 minutes from the town of Rethymno and is waiting for you to explore its many natural wonders.

When you arrive at this verdant location set in the Cretan mountains, you will hear nothing but the sound of flowing waters everywhere. Water flows from the mountains and gives you the pervasive feeling of relaxation.

waterfall village - mosh and plants on rocks dripping with water from waterfalls in crete - Greece

Surrounded by many small waterfalls, you can enjoy special Cretan delicacies in the taverns and bakeries found in the village.

But be careful, you might get a refreshing splash from these bubbling springs during your meal.

waterfall village in Crete - close up of waterfall splash of water and rocks

But, this village offers much more. Located inside a canyon, you can feel the mountain embracing you and, while high temperatures are found at nearby beaches, the cool mountain air will offer you a refreshing revitalization.

While you wander through this aqueous landscape, you will find an assortment of Cretan culinary delights. Small taverns are waiting for you to explore their specialties.

Dishes featuring trout and sturgeon will satisfy your taste for a healthy fish diet but for the meat lovers, you simply cannot go past the unique method of cooking meat found only in Crete…Antikristo!.

waterfall village crete - Greece - antikristo - leg of meat on a spit cooked opposite big open fire

Antikristo is the cooking of seasoned lamb pieces around a fire.

Naturally, to make it a total success, this method of slowly grilling the lamb is best achieved while you are enjoying the fine wines of Crete.

The flavor is remarkable and with all the other Greek delicacies, like village salad, tzatziki and feta cheese, you will surely acquire a culinary memory you will recall for years to come.

And all of this next to waterfalls and the sounds of water splashing its merry way down the mountain.

waterfall village - crete - greece - greek salad with tomatoes - cucumber capsicum and feta cheese

What more can anyone ask for after a sunny day on the sunny Cretan beaches?

Well, in fact, there is one more thing to be found in this mountainous water world…Dance!!

Cretan dancers will give you a genuine performance of local flavor to entertain and marvel.

Piges Argiroupolis is a moist, cool and wondrous experience and water, after all, is the source of life!


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