Wedding Planning – Destination Santorini

santorini wedding flowers celebrate

If they gave me the whole eternity without you, I would prefer… just a little moment beside you.

Tasos Livaditis

(Greek poet)

Planning your wedding?

You are blessed by life; you really feel this enormous and rare joy of mirroring the best of yourself in the eyes of a special person. Undoubtedly, you wish to celebrate your life together with a beautiful ceremony and create your special moment that will make time stop and will be engraved forever in your hearts.

In other words, you are planning your wedding, your honeymoon or the renewal of your vows.

We could fill up whole pages with ideas and suggestions that could make this moment more personal, more yours. The choices are innumerous and really special in their own way. But we are sure that you don’t have to try very hard to create this moment. It’s all matter of choice and you already know what suits you and what not.

boat with wedding altar on the left and santorini view
Elegance and simplicity for this wedding set-up. With a view like this what more do you need.

However, there is still something missing, something very important.

You have dreamed of the perfect image of yourself. You have probably planned the dress and the hair and all the other tiny details. Then comes the rest, location, size, theme. Will it be just the two of you or will you enjoy the company of your family and friends? After the ceremony will you have a romantic dinner or a joyous party? However, your instinct is whispering that something is missing, something very important that will bind all the details with a little touch of magic.

That is exactly the role of the perfect place. You must find the ideal scenery that will host your ceremony and transform it into an everlasting memory of your life together.

We are sure you have come across photos of this place. Maybe you have already been to this jewel of the Aegean Sea. It’s an island beyond any comparison, with a minimal, pure architecture and an astonishing view that allows eyes and senses to capture only the essential.

Grey and white steps with peach coloured side wall and a bouquet of flowers with pink roses on top of them
Blue dome church with white walls in Santorini Greece

Flowers, pastels and the clear blue and white of the Aegean.

This is Santorini Island.

The perfect place, the gift of the Aegean Sea to all of us. Its powerful light and the bright hues of blue and white are stretched out in every dimension and embrace our senses and our soul.

A little moment in Santorini can fit in your whole eternity

Santorini is an island in the Cyclades, in the very heart of the Aegean with an extremely unique character and charm. It was the child of a volcano explosion, a fact that gave to it a special form and colour. In a shape of a stoned half-moon, it faces the west, like a big hug to the most beautiful sunsets anyone could ever imagine.

Santorini wedding planning - white houses that look out to the volcanic caldera on a clear blue sky day
How many hues of blue and white can you count?

This breathtaking scenery offers the ideal setting for a romantic wedding ceremony, and – maybe,why not? – for an I DO – part two!

You are seeking only the best because you know that this is a one in a lifetime experience for you. You can choose whatever you wish and Definitely Greece knows how to make your wishes a unique experience.

Expand your dreams for your perfect wedding or anniversary, make it real in Santorini.

Greece is our home and we love it, we would be honored to be by your side in this special moment and see the biggest smile of happiness on your face.

Santorini wedding planning - sunsent view of Caldera with ship in the horizon
When your day has been spent making memories, coming to the end of it, is just another blessing to be thankful for. The view definitely helps!

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