Why We Don’t Post the Itineraries Of Our Trips

why we don't post the itineraries of our trips- ancient theater daylight athens greece Herodotus atticus

Imagine this, you are out shopping and you want to buy new fancy clothes. You are in a great mood and you feel that this is ‘the day’. You want to find those pants or that dress that you have been saving your hard earned cash for so long…

So, you enter the first shop and without asking, a professional comes straight to you and tailors the dress to fit you perfectly. He knows exactly what suits you, what color you want and, to your surprise, he knows whether you want to buy your dress with sleeves or not.

Of course, this example is a bit extreme since there aren’t actually many tailors out there who will make adjustments to your clothes before you’ve committed to buying something.

Wouldn’t it be great though if, without any serious effort, we could just click a couple of buttons and people would understand our needs and preferences; that they would somehow, in a magical way, know beforehand if I have prejudices against the color red or that I adore blue, if I love cheese but can’t eat meat!

why we don't post the itineraries of our trips- sunset over port with small taverns

How do you feel about late night walks by the beach followed by dinner in a Greek tavern?

Why planning your holidays should start by talking to your agent

I am sure you are starting to get my point.

When it comes to travelling plans, there are so many people who buy their holiday packages based on an itinerary that they are not 100% happy with.

Which is fine, I guess!

But what about those who want to ask more details and seek answers to their concerns. They want to be sure that what a company has created as an “ideal” package is the best choice for them and for their family.

why we don't post the itineraries of our trips - mykonos port in the distance view from cafe surrounded by trees

Mykonos is an “ideal” destination.. for some! Others would prefer to take part in the legendary festivals of Ikaria, or explore the culture of Crete.

You deserve more than the fast food experience.

I know technology is supposed to serve the purpose of making our lives easier, no doubt. However, technology cannot read our minds.  So there are many things that technology cannot yet achieve and personally, I find it impossible to predict exactly what someone will want to experience, in detail, when they plan to come to visit my country.

How many times we have used the phrase ‘’You need to see it to believe it’’

Through my travels, I have come to realize that it is almost impossible, for example, to explain to someone how beautiful New Zealand is and that the green of nature there can literally hurt your eyes!

Or, making people understand how frustrating the traffic is in Manila, but at the same time, while sitting in traffic, you find homeless people smiling on almost every corner regardless of their challenges.

So, how can I describe to you that Greece is not only about beaches in Mykonos and breaking plates in restaurants and taverns? How can you know that Greece has beautiful mountains as well; mountains that will enchant you etched with spectacular trekking paths stretching from the North to the South of this amazing peninsula? How can I share with you the passionate hospitality which you will experience in Crete island should you decide to include this destination in your itinerary?

why we don't post the itineraries of our trips - sounio temple peninsula pillars looking out to the sea

A city like Athens, can mean different things to each one of us. You might be interested in the history and culture, such as the temple of Poseidon in Sounion (picture). Maybe you want to explore the beaches, witness everyday life, see a play in an ancient theater or all of the above.

That’s why we need to talk!

I need to know what you have researched and what you think Greece is all about. We want you to share with us that you have visited Athens before, yet you want to come again because you are a history enthusiast and two days did not enough get your fill. You may have visited Mykonos and Santorini and now think it is time to explore further and discover other lesser-known islands…

You will be surprised how many things Greece has to offer to you. Don’t sell Greece short by considering only window poster destinations.

With my team, we are here to help you experience Greece and feel like a local. I know it sounds clichéish but, through our touring experience, we know you will make friends in Greece and you will want to come back.

  • We respect that you will spend money and time to come to visit our country.
  • You deserve to have a unique itinerary based on your desires and not a copy-paste service.
  • You need to have the ability to have the holiday you envisioned.

In order to achieve this, we should start making plans..together!

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