The Best Authentic Greek Restaurants In The Delphi Area

delphi restaurants - ruins

Restaurants in the Delphi area. 

Thankfully, there are three times during the day when it is acceptable to eat!

Delphi is settled on the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus in Central Greece and is one of the most fascinating archaeological destinations in the world. Apart from its significant history and beautiful land structure, this lovely village in the heart of Greece is the perfect place to get to know authentic Greek living, and there is no better way to do so than tasting the rich Greek traditional cuisine. 

There are plenty of amazing taverns in the greater area of Delphi where you can sit to have lunch or finish your day with a meal. Most of these taverns are family run and prepare their meals with the utmost respect for Greek tradition. This is a list containing places you should definitely visit during your time in Delphi for a delicious Greek meal.


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A long, sun-filled day of sightseeing and exploring the ancient ruins definitely calls for finding a place to relax, enjoy the astonishing view and rewarding yourself with a delicious meal. Delphi certainly offers a great variety of taverns and restaurants to do just that. 

Vakhos is situated on the highest spot of Delphi’s central road and that’s why its view of the Corinthian sea is unmatched. The Theodorakis family, who own and operate the tavern, are always eager to welcome you and recommend their best dishes of the day. All the recipes are traditional Greek ones, giving the best of the local ingredients that the area has to offer. Here you can taste fresh salads with greens and chickling vetches, saganaki made out of local cheese, dolmades, pies, soups, rooster with fresh pasta, and many other dishes that honour the seasonal and local character of the Greek cuisine. The father of the family collects fresh veggies daily, which are boiled and served as a salad, and it’s a dish you most definitely should not miss. 

To Patriko Mas ( which translates to Our Family House) is another excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Located in a very lovely site, it is an excellent choice to enjoy your meal and take in the amazing view or watch a breathtaking sunset. Freshly made salads, pies and main dishes that combine Greek and European cuisine will surely satisfy the tummies of all members of your group. 

Cafe Melopoleio (meaning the Spot that sells honey) is in a different part of Delphi where you can choose to start and finish your day at. In the morning you can enjoy fresh juices, Greek yoghurt with fruit and cheese pies or just a plain Greek coffee or tea from Mount Parnassus. During the day they serve beautifully prepared sandwiches you can enjoy on the go and in the evening you can return to relax with a glass of Greek wine or beer while listening to quality music. 

If you are looking for something simpler and quicker but at the same time still extremely tasty a souvlaki and gyro is always the perfect solution. At the Dionysos Souvlaki Gyro Shop in the centre of Delphi, you can find exactly that, served with pita bread filled with fries, onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce or you can customize it however way you like. 


In this traditional village which sits minutes away from Delphi, there is a taverna called Fourlas. Here one is able to indulge in the most traditional dishes this area has to offer, including roasted and charcoaled meats, homemade pies, fresh salads and cheese. All of this is accompanied by a wonderful view overlooking the Corinthian bay. It is open daily for lunch and dinner and no reservation is needed.

Photographer Nikos Daniilidis, Flisvos Marina in Athens – source

This seaside village contains many restaurants to choose from. 

The Art-Liotrivi restaurant used to be an old olive oil factory back in the 1800s which has turned into a modern art exhibition space. Here one can enjoy different types of coffee and desserts by the water. Another choice would be to sip on ouzo while picking at some signature plates such as dolmades, which is a traditional dish of meat and rice wrapped in fresh vine leaves served with avgolemono sauce on top, or mussels saganaki which is a plate the sailors brought from Minor Asia around 300 years ago. Art-Liotrivi is open daily from early in the morning until late at night.

For someone who is feeling a little extra hungry, Porto is the place to go. Situated in the entrance of the port it serves fresh grilled fish, mousaka, gemista (rice stuffed tomatoes and peppers) and boiled greens topped with garlic sauce, which are all traditional Greek plates. There are also many appetizers on the menu to choose from as well as a variety of meat dishes. It is open every day for lunch and dinner. 

Maritsa is a very well-known restaurant from the 1980s with a more elegant approach to Greek cuisine. Here you can indulge in their seafood risotto, pasta plates, fresh fish and lobster along with a local white wine or rosé. This restaurant sits on the opposite side of the port with a spectacular view of the village. It is open daily for lunch and dinner. 

Harmena is a restaurant in the centre of the area surrounded by stone brick roads and ruins of old leather factories, and it takes its name from a traditional neighbourhood situated in the upper part of Amfissa. Here one can enjoy different time-honoured meat plates such as souvlaki and steaks, appetizers, fresh cut fries and Greek salads with plenty of olives and feta cheese. It is open from early in the morning, serving Greek coffee and traditional spoon sweets, lunch and dinner. On your way out you can also pick up local extra virgin olive oil and olives from Amfissa or some wine and tsipouro (a strong distilled vodka-like spirit). 

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Aristogefsis, meaning of fine taste, is a modern restaurant with traditional local flavours such as roasted meat dishes with french fries and freshly cut salads. A local appetizer which you might enjoy is opsimotyri, aged cheese mixed with local yoghurt from goat’s milk, which pairs extremely well with toasted bread sprinkled with dried oregano from the mountains of Parnassus. It is open for lunch and dinner. 

Elladographia, is an old stone brick building with outside seating during the summertime where one can relish in the evening breeze whilst tasting many local specialities, which of course all consist of local products, roasted meat, fresh salads, french fries and pies. It is open for dinner daily. 

elladographia - restaurants delphi sign
elladographia - restaurants delphi

Faropoulos is the name of a very old koutouki (a small old place where locals would gather to socialize and eat) which is nearly 100 years old. It boasts a fixed menu of keftedes (meatballs), eggplants with tomato sauce and cod fish with garlic sauce made with potato. Here you can enjoy the local wine or tsipouro but do come just to admire the place itself. It has stood untouched for almost a century and is decorated with old commercials and photos of ancient times. 


Ta Dyhtia (fishnets), is a restaurant near the harbour of this coastal town. The owner himself goes fishing every morning and serves the catch for lunch and dinner which can also be enjoyed as a snack with a glass of ouzo, house wine or local Greek beer. It is strictly a non-smoking restaurant where meals are served right next to the sea near the new harbour of the city.

Liapis is located in the town square by the beach. Here you can treat your taste buds to an amazing traditional meat dish of kontosouvli, made up of slowly roasted pieces of lamb on a spit, and many appetizers such as tzatziki, feta cheese, Greek salad, pies and fries. A reservation may be needed if you want to be on the safe side. 

Moukas is a family-run restaurant situated at the entrance of the city. It offers a very pleasant atmosphere and beautiful decorations and during the summer you can enjoy your meal under the blissful shade of a mulberry tree. The best time to visit the restaurant is on a Thursday night where apart from salads, pitas, horta (steamed greens) and charcoaled meat, it also serves goat stew and codfish with garlic sauce made with potato. 

This traditional and beautiful village has turned into the most famous Greek winter resort due to the nearby ski centre of Mount Parnassus. The variety and quality of the restaurants found here is exceptional, and range from traditional taverns that serve authentic Greek dishes such as souvlaki and gyro to other more elegant restaurants of European cuisine. 

Kaplanis is positioned at the north side of the village, near a big plane tree. It is well known of its charcoaled lamb chops that pair perfectly with grilled formaela the located protected originated cheese. Of course, you can also taste pies, tzatziki, fries and horta to complete a perfect central Greek meal. A reservation may be needed here. 

Panagiota is one of the oldest and most traditional taverns in Arahova. It sits behind the church of St George and offers truly authentic Greek dishes after the recipes of grandmother Panagiota who always used to cook for her family and guests. It is preferable to make a reservation in advance here. 

Oistros by Aktida is a newer entry in the gastronomical field of the region. The two owners offer traditional dishes with a modern twist and pay great attention to the pleasant atmosphere of this place. 

Last but not least for Arahova is the famous E. Over the years it has become the most trendy spot in Arahova for food and drink. A very interesting interior creates the perfect atmosphere to indulge in tasty Mediterranean dishes and an array of homemade sweets. For those who also wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, there are countless options at the bar. A reservation is needed. 


This beautiful village on Mount Parnassus is the alter ego of Arahova. Fresh mountainous products are carefully prepared for anyone who wishes to treat oneself to authentic Greek cuisine. 

Griza Arkouda (the Grey Bear) is a tavern dedicated to mushrooms where you can enjoy delicious dishes made out of the local varieties. Thanassis, the owner, is a mushroom lover himself and really enjoys collecting and offering these gastronomic treasures to visitors. If you wish you can join him on his collection trails, a unique and memorable activity. After a long walk into the forest, you will be more than eager to taste lamb chops, delicious soups, fresh salads and homemade pitas. We would advise you to make a reservation in advance. 

Mavrodimos is the most suitable place for families. It is strictly non-smoking and you can taste local dishes like fried cheese bread, zucchini soup and fresh veggie salad, all prepared by mother Youla herself. The superstar of the menu is the meat, of course, featuring grilled lamb chops, steaks and sausages. 

  • If you have already visited some restaurants in the Delphi area before and have tasted or dined in a place worth mentioning, let us know. We love our local cuisine and are proud of the fresh ingredients we use. We will gladly check out any new place! 

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