A Countdown To The Best Cocktail Bars In Thessaloniki

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Finding out the best cocktail bars in Thessaloniki is not an easy job, but someone has to do it! 

Discovering a city, getting to know its history and visiting the archaeological sites is the definition of a day in the life of a tourist. But what’s the best ending of an exhausting day? A great cocktail of course! Thessaloniki is popular for its nightlife, with plenty of options, that will suit any preferences. In this post, you will get to know the best cocktail bars in Thessaloniki, making your stay in the city even more unforgettable. 

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7. Le Coq Tail Mix Bar 

This is one of the best bars in town. It is located in the Upper Town District, -our favorite one, as mentioned before – and can promise to serve you exceptional cocktails. Its cocktail list is inspired by the Mediterranean islands and their signature cocktails consist of many local ingredients. Besides, you can also create your own custom made cocktail with some help from the friendly staff. 


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Recently Le Coq Tail Mix Bar was recognized as one of the top bars in the country in the Bar Awards 2019. This was not a surprise for Thessalonians, as it is one their favourite going-out spots since it first opened its doors. Back in 1967 it was just a small and humble coffee shop. 

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Besides the cocktail list, this bar has a breathtaking view of the whole city. So you can enjoy your cocktail while you are admiring beautiful Thessaloniki from above. Want to kill to birds with one stone? Stay for the sunset! 

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6. SpeakEasy Floor 

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Strolling around one of the liveliest neighborhoods, Ladadika, you will get the chance to travel back in time, all the way to the Prohibition era. Imagine a time when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was illegal and many secret bars operated in secret and you had to know the password to get in and enjoy a drink.

Following this philosophy, the Speakeasy Floor is located on the upper floor of the Blue Cup Cocktail Bar (another great cocktail bar of the city). After climbing a set of stairs, you will find yourself in front of a huge iron door, where you have to say the password in order to get in. We will give you a hint, the friendly staff will help you! Once the doors open, you will feel like you are guest-staring in a gangster movie. Leather stools and sofas, a marble bar, and velvet couches decorate the room. The concept is completed with dark lighting, giving the place the appropriate moody vibe. 

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cocktail bars Thessaloniki the inside bar of Speakeasy Floor in Thessaloniki
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Last year, SpeakEasy introduced the philosophy of “Timezones”. Its Cocktail list was inspired by the period between 1920-1928. This year, they are launching the “Enter the time zone part 2”, with classic cocktails from the period 1920-1946, but with a modern twist. One of these is the classic recipe of a margarita re-imagined with a hint of mustard, thyme, and orange, giving it an extra Greek feel.

5. Casablanca – The Social Living

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city center, you should head east and choose Casablanca Bar for your night out. It is located on the premises of one of the oldest neoclassical buildings of the city that dates back to 1888. 

Casablanca Cocktail Bar Thessaloniki Directions
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You will be amazed by its fine architecture and decorations, which pleasantly combine vintage and modern touches. Exceptional coffee, lunch options, wines, and cocktails are waiting for you to enjoy them. Music nights often take place in Casablanca, so you can have a great evening with perfect tunes.

4. To Palio Hamam

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This one is less known than the previous recommendations. A hidden gem of the city that only a  local would know about. Palio Hamam stands for “the Old Hamam” in Greek. It is located in the heart of the city center, next to Aristotelous Square. It got its name from the fact that the same building used to be a Hamam back when Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. 

Nowadays it serves as a cafe-bar-veranda, where several cultural and artistic events take place. The best spot is, of course, the veranda, where you can enjoy exceptional cocktails during the summer months. The view of the domes and the purple lighting, give an oriental touch to the evening. If you are around the city  center, this is a most convenient cocktail bar to visit while in Thessaloniki


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Its executive signature cocktail for 2019 is called Coolaz and is based on the mastiha liqueur, a unique product that is only found on the island of Chios.  Here is a video of the presentation of the cocktail by one of the staff: 

Signature Cocktail Video 

Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask the bartender to recommend the perfect cocktail, based on your preferences. 

3. Whope

This is a seasonal bar that is only open during the summer. It has been the talk of the town, since it first opened its doors in 2018. It is an open space bar in a yard, beautifully decorated, with African and ethnic influences.

If you are more of a party person, Whope is the perfect place for you. Especially during the weekend nights, many events and parties take place there, as famous DJs are taking care of making your evening perfect with their music choices. 

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Once a week, you can follow up your morning coffee with a yoga class. But undoubtedly, the perfect time of the day for visiting Whope is in the evening. Take your time to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, dance to the tunes of the DJ, and have a night to remember.

2. Gorillas – Fine Drinking and Fun

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Awarded as the most innovative bar of Greece in the Bar Awards 2019, Gorillas is one of the citizens’ favorite spots. You will recognize it by the huge yellow door, waiting to welcome you. Its inside decoration is characterized by minimal and industrial elements, making the place contemporary and modern. 

The philosophy of its owner is to provide a fun environment  and fun drinks with their exceptional cocktails list. Feel free to inform the friendly bartenders about your drinking preferences and let them prepare the ideal cocktail for you, based on your flavors. Many of the cocktails’ ingredients are homemade and prepared by the staff.

Their best seller and must-try is the Diddy Kong cocktail, which is served in a handmade and custom-made pot in the shape of a banana. The ingredients of this delicious cocktail are 2 dark rums, Metaxa, (a Greek liqueur) pineapple, coconut and a homemade mix of Greek herbs.

1.Vogatsikou 3

In Vogatsikou street, you will find one of the best cocktail bars in Thessaloniki, Vogatsikou 3 cafe bar. It opened its door in 2014 in the old premises of Bel-Air, one of the most well-known bars of Thessaloniki back in the 80s and 90s. The decoration is simple and minimal, making it a cozy and friendly environment for someone to choose it for a night out. 

Directions to bar "Vogatsikou 3" on google maps
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Besides the advantage of the location, the owners pay extremely close attention to the cocktail list of the bar, with more than 70 unique cocktails waiting for you to enjoy them. It is really hard to choose which one to recommend. 

The unique ones, with an extra touch of Greece, are the ones based on cognac and mastiha. Mastiha is a liqueur with a protected designation origin from the island of Chios. Sweet and easy-drinking, this liqueur will steal your heart and make you want to drink it everywhere. Go for the Mastiha Mule, with ingredients like Skinos Mastiha, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, Keffir ginger beer, angostura bitters, and salt. Or if you want to feel even more Greek you can try the Aegean Spritz, with ingredients like Roots Mastiha, Aperol, Spumante Dry, and Aegean Tonic. 

Whether you prefer a casual night out where you can enjoy your cocktail in peace, or you are more of a party person, Thessaloniki is the place for you. Walk around the city and you will find some of the best cocktail bars in Thessaloniki.

  • This short list of recommendations is just the beginning. There are many more cocktail bars in Thessaloniki for you to discover. Let us know in the comments below, which one you would visit first. 

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