Why Travel With Us 

acropolis Definitely Greece photoshoot
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1 ~ 

Because we know the real Greece!

2 ~ 

Because you will learn to cook Greek foods, dance Greek dances, drink coffee with the locals in a traditional kafeneio, explore villages unknown and untouched by tourism and try local products rather than commercial souvenirs.

3 ~ 

Because we are not a big, faceless corporation; we are a small company of people who love Greece with a passion.

4 ~ 

Because we can show you Greece better than any foreign tour-guide; as locals, our point of difference is that we will speak to you with the heart and soul of a true Greek.

5 ~ 

Because our number one goal is your experience!

Our goal is to show everybody who cares to see how beautiful and rich this land is. This is a land where
hospitality is sacred, and as we were nurtured and raised with this notion, you will experience this hospitality throughout Greece every day.

  • That’s why your Greek experience will be both enthralling and serene, combining traditional Greek sightseeing with the quaintness of real village life.  We will achieve this without the conventional retail tours, mass produced for the average tourist.