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Amorgos rose to international fame after the French film “The Big Blue” (Le Grand Bleu) by Luc Besson, was set on the island.

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea and as a result, a must-visit destination.

What makes Amorgos stand out of from the rest, also amazing, Cycladic islands? First and foremost the different aesthetic that Amorgos has. Apart from the classic Cycladic architecture, that is absolutely impressive, this utmost island has a different aura. Amorgos does not have large beaches with many facilities and beach bars. Amorgos has quiet, rough beaches that take your breath away!

Amorgos does not have loud night clubs. Amorgos has sophisticated cafes that turn into places in which groups of friends meet every night. Those who choose to visit Amorgos, get there to take advantage of this unique culture, and of course, they come again and again!It’s the outermost island of the Cyclades complex and used to be the external border of the Greek State before 1947. Due to its remote geographical position from the mainland, Amorgos was also a place of exile. Nowadays, its economy is based on tourism and it has become a famous summer destination.

Amorgos quiet greek Island - Windmills

Island Settlements

Aigiali and Katapola are also two of the island’s settlements. Aigiali is a picturesque small village that has a long seaside walkway. It also hosts one of the island’s camping facilities, that is mostly preferred by the younger travelers.

Katapola is a traditional Cycladic coastal village.

Chora is the capital of the island and the biggest settlement. It is built in the middle of Amorgos for safety reasons. In the past, the islands had a huge problem with pirates; that is why the Chora of every island is built on its internal part. Chora has a big variety of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Tholaria is built amphitheatrically over Aigiali bay, on the northern part of the island. The view towards the Aegean is magnificent.

Where to swim?

Agia Anna is by far the most iconic beach on the island. The multi photographed beach stands out thanks to its amazing waters, the harsh landscape, and the super cute chapel.

Mouros maybe is the most untouched and authentic in the whole country.

Agios Pavlos is a narrow strip of land in the middle of the Aegean blue.

How to get there?

Amorgos is only connected to the mainland via the sea. There are two ports on the island: Katapola and Aigiali. Both have routes to Piraeus and to other Aegean islands.


The monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa is built on a steep rock, above the beach of Agia Anna. The unique architecture makes you think that the monastery is hanging off the cliff. There is only one sentence to describe the view, and that is endless blue.

Psimeni raki is a different version of the traditional Greek alcoholic beverage called raki. This time we are talking about the local homemade liquor. It has the flavor of honey and it’s been made on the island since antiquity.


Amorgos is a very lively island thanks to the travelers who visit the island every summer. During summertime, there are plenty of events, traditional and modern, that make the summer nights special.

UP festival is held every July and hosts acclaimed alternative artists.

Panigiria are the traditional Greek festivities. Amorgos has many churches, so you will find one in the summertime, no matter which month you visit the island.

In general, Cephalonia is a haven for outdoor activities; from visits to organic wineries and hikes to the National Forest Park of Enos to canoe and kayak cave explorations. In addition, you will find a variety of water sports that can accommodate even the most eclectic tastes.

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