Legend has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, was born on Kythira so it is no wonder that this island possesses a raw beauty which can be found in its many accessible beaches and the rugged gorges scattered about the island.

Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone? Beyond what nature so abundantly provides across the island, the presence of man has had a marked and profound impact on Kythira’s history as well. Maybe all of this is best portrayed as you stand on the battlements of the medieval Castle at Chora, above a steep and jagged gorge which cascades to the sea culminating in the breathtaking, dual harbored town of Kapsali. There is no question that standing there, you will experience a truly “WOW” moment and for that moment, you will become a traveler and will thank your lucky stars that you have somehow landed on this spot with the chance to behold this incredible view.

In Kythira, you will get the chance to stroll through more than one gorge and marvel at the abundance of fruit trees bearing plus and pears and almonds and acorns. You will also find yourself following the footsteps of history.

Among these are the trails leading to hidden caves which told the tragic story of island locals’ desperate attempts to escape the marauding pirates of the medieval ages. Perhaps the most famous of these stories is the account of the famous pirate, Barbarosa, who invaded the island of Kythira in the early 1500s and found what locals believed to be the unassailable fortress of Paleochora perched high above the Kakia Lagada gorge.

Kythira Definitely Greece

Kythira is so much more than just a must-see photo op above Kapsali as you will soon realize.

With more than 50 beaches and their typical Grecian, cool, azure waters, you will be spoilt for choice. Each beach provides a different experience of natural beauty and Kythirian hospitality.

Due to Kythira’s relative isolation and “off the beaten track” status, many of Kythira’s local dishes have a flavor that is clearly identifiable as Greek but express a unique taste belonging only to this island.

Τhis destination belongs to the trip: The Land of Heroes: The Peloponnese

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