Naxos is a rugged and beautiful island that offers an abundance of outdoor activities, for nature lovers and explorers alike.

About 5 hours from Piraeus in Athens, Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades.

Often underrated, it tends to be less busy than the more popular island destinations in Greece and its large size offers a feeling of peace and spaciousness, even during the peak season. Like Mykonos and Santorini, Naxos has its own airport so you can fly to the island if you would rather not take the ferry.

Naxos is home to the highest point in the Cyclades, mount Zas (or Zeus). The place where ancient Greeks believed to be the birthplace of Zeus. As well as its historical significance the mountain provides some excellent hiking trails that lead to the peak and provide magnificent panoramic views of the entire island, Aegean and beyond.

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Perfect for families, solo adventure and romantic holidays. Naxos has it all!

Landscape and terrain

Its size and mountainous terrain provide an idyllic setting, should you choose to take a drive to explore the island. Naxos is an island where having a vehicle is easily accommodated if you would like to take some time to see the more secluded places of this large island yourself.

However, having your own vehicle is not essential as there is regular public transport (dependent on season) that will get you to most of the main destinations around the island.

The main village or Chora:

The Capital town Chora is a quaint seaside settlement that has everything you could ask for. There are an abundance of restaurants and tavernas to choose from. Due the size and fertility of the land on the island it also has some delicious local produce available such as olives, cheese, honey and seafood. So be sure to check out these on the menu!

Things to do:

You’ll find the colourful and picturesque alleyways are a pleasure to explore. As you wind your way up the warren of streets you’ll pass a number of stores that range from boutique clothing and second hand bookstores to shops containing beautiful embellished embroidery.

History and nature lovers:

History lovers will not be disappointed. With views of the waterfront nestled on the hill is the remnants of a Venetian castle (Kastro). Dating further back and probably one of the most defining features of the island is the Temple of Apollo. Today you can catch a glimpse of what remains. The temples colossal marble archway provides a gorgeous frame for the setting sun.

Nature lovers fall for Naxos for its hiking trails, long stretches of beach and abundance of greenery. Because of the vast length of some of the beaches you are sure to find some privacy. The island has the perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Catering to families, couples, intrepid explorers or solo travellers.

Anyone will be enchanted with the food, scenery, and adventure that Naxos has to offer.

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